A Comparison Between Platinum And Palladium For Wedding Band

Palladium is a lesser-known metal option for women’s wedding bands. It tends to be compared to the more popularly known platinum. Regardless, customers wonder what the differences amid both are. These two metals are unique, but similar in many regards. Let us discuss how these compare in terms of look, price, durability, plus comfort.


Palladium is a white metal, and so is platinum. There is just a slight color difference amid the white metals. Platinum bands are usually around one shade whiter compared to palladium rings, but the difference is extremely minimal. Both white metals are of a naturally silvery-white color, so these need not be rhodium plated like white gold.

Not having rhodium plating results in a lesser need for maintenance of these metals compared to white gold. The white version of gold could form a tinge of yellow when it is not frequently re-plated. Patina develops on palladium wedding rings and platinum bands gradually with use, and that reduces the maintenance even further.

Patina is the appearance that each of these metals develops over time. As it scratches, palladium or platinum content moves from an area of the ring to a different one. Gradually, this gives it patina, which resembles a matte finish. As white gold gets scratched, it becomes detached from the wedding band, and over time it develops a surface with scratches in place of patina.

Almost everyone is excited for the ring to form patina because it makes the jewelry piece look stunning. If you do not prefer the matte-finish-like appearance, however, you can polish palladium or platinum again. Having the metal repolished by a jewelry worker will return it to the original glistening condition.


The price of jewelry metal may change from time to time. At the time of writing this, palladium’s price exceeds platinum’s. The market price is pretty volatile, so this situation might change in the future. However, the prices of palladium and platinum are usually alike. Some palladium bands generally cost less money than their platinum counterparts owing to the latter metal’s density.

In summer 2019, the price situation was different. Then, palladium jewelry cost around half of platinum bands. Palladium is not of lesser quality than platinum though. Several customers who are not concerned about how much money something costs, choose palladium because it is not inferior to platinum. Platinum is denser than palladium, which means the amount of it required to create a ring is more than the latter metal. This is why platinum bands are nearly two times as heavy as palladium rings, and why the former are pricier than the latter.


Platinum is not as hard as palladium, so it will scratch more easily in comparison. So when you are seeking the best wedding rings for women, consider platinum’s superiority in terms of durability. However, rings made of both metals will scratch, so you should not make a decision based on this factor alone. As said, each of the metals develops a patina because when it scratches, the metal moves to another part of the ring, which causes the finish that almost every person prefers.


Both are strong white metals ideal for women’s wedding bands. Platinum may be stronger compared to palladium, but both are sufficiently strong to be utilized for wedding rings worn every day.


Platinum is nearly two times as dense as palladium, so wedding bands made of it are heavier compared to palladium rings. Some individuals prefer the weight of a platinum ring, but others consider a palladium ring’s lightness much more comfortable to wear. It is usually a matter of personal preference. For non-bulky wedding rings, platinum’s weight should usually not be very great, and the band should feel comfortable on your finger. However, when you already have a heavy engagement ring, platinum may be too heavy to wear.

Likewise, for delicate wedding rings, palladium’s lightness may cause the wearer to feel like they are not sporting anything on the finger. Some individuals like this feel, but if more weight on the finger seems bearable for you, platinum is perhaps a better option.

Another aspect to consider with regards to comfort is allergy. Here, there is no obvious choice between the two metals – these are hypoallergenic. Each of the materials used for jewelry making is nick-free. Some people are allergic to nickel. In the case of white gold, when its rhodium plating wears off, the wearer’s skin will come into contact with the nickel content in it. An allergic response can happen after exposure to nickel.

Criteria Platinum Palladium
Maintenance Less More
Cost Less More
Durability More Durable Less Durable
Strength More Less
Comfort More Comfortable Less Comfortable

Final Words

If you cannot choose between both metals, worry not, these are amazing options for jewelry. A more sensible choice is possibly platinum, for it is more popular and denser. If you still can’t decide and need expert advice a specialist at RockHer can help you pick out the perfect ring.