Best Wedding Ring Designs Women Prefer

Wedding bands mean a lot to married couples. When exchanging these rings, the couple promise to be there for one another whatever happens in life.

An engagement ring will take the center stage, but it is just as significant to choose the ideal wedding band. Depending upon your bride-to-be’s preferences, it can highlight your engagement ring or can be a statement jewelry piece on its own. We have compiled this list of the best wedding rings for women to help you find your ideal band.

Plain Band

Think a wedding ring without gems that is usually made from white gold, rose gold or yellow gold or platinum. This is a classic and simple option for a woman. Two of the alternative metals are stainless steel and titanium. That said, there is no more popular option in this particular style than platinum.

This wedding band is best for an active bride who wishes not to take it off, and wants to avoid bothering about claw setting or diamond damage. It will match any engagement ring style.

Pave Band

Picture a diamond-encrusted wedding ring with the gemstones set into its metal. It will match with engagement rings having a cushion shaped solitaire with the pave halo diamond or a standard pave setting. It is ideal for a bride who prefers the shine of a band set with diamonds, without using metal claws or prongs.

Full Infinity Band

This is a specific form of ring with similarly sized diamonds, which run around the whole band as a token of eternity. So it is also known as an eternity wedding band.

Chanel setting and shared claw setting are two of the popular eternity band design elements.

In a band with shared metal prongs, the two gemstones set side by side share a claw. View it from a side angle, and you will see the claws form the ‘U’ shape. This wedding band will complement a classic engagement ring.

In the channel-set band, however, diamonds sit next to one another inside a precious metal channel, which constitutes the ring’s sides. It will best complement an engagement ring featuring a channel setting.

Half Eternity Ring

We also recommend choosing a half eternity wedding band if the full look is excessive for your fiancée’s taste. A half infinity ring means one with gemstones set halfway along the metal band. This can be slightly more subtle than the full infinity piece given the comparatively fewer number of diamonds set in it.

Rose Gold Band

Think a wedding ring crafted from rose gold featuring two rows of diamonds set along each side of the split metal shank. This is one of the best wedding rings for women. Featuring a stunning split-shank style, it is one for the bride who wishes to have a combination of color in her ring. The more whitish color of diamonds complements rose gold well. In addition to white diamond studs, also choose pink colored diamonds. Remember, pink diamonds do not have to be fully pink; instead, you can go for one with a tint of pink in it.

Solitaire Diamond Band

In this context, the word ‘solitaire’ refers to a wedding band with just one diamond. Go for a pear cut diamond to make your bride’s short finger look longer than it is. Even so, whichever diamond shape you choose, it being a solitaire will appeal more to the viewer than a ring with accent stones. A band with a big white diamond at the center will look amazing even amid designer rings.

Name Engraved Band

Wedding bands are thought of as tokens of a shared promise to be sported on the fingers forever. Couples choose to have their names’ engraved on wedding bands to make these jewelry pieces more promising. The inscription of your spouse’s name on the band will make her feel that you are close to her no matter where you are.

Fingerprint Ring

Besides adding your name, another way to leave a personal touch on the ring is to use the fingerprint. People choose to have wedding bands designed with their fingerprint. These rings come in a wide range of metals, including palladium, platinum, silver, and red gold. To cause the mark to be easily noticeable on the bands, the groom and bride choose to have their fingerprints engraved deeply. Fingerprints are created in oxidized or natural finish, plus small details or life-size forms.

Twisted Pave Diamonds Ring

Another option to consider is a twisted infinity wedding ring with pave-set diamonds and princess cut center stone. The setting is known as ‘pave’ as diamonds are paved along the metal band of the ring. Go for a rose gold band with sparkling, top clarity diamonds as these will appeal to the eye even in slightly low light conditions.

Vintage Band

When it comes to vintage jewelery, you have many design options to pick from. For one, choose an Art Deco band if her engagement ring also has this design. This is one with nods to the architectural elements that date back to the 1920’s.