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Different people have different personalities, and there are different kinds of diamonds, of which not all may be suitable for everyone. The personality of a person will determine the kind of diamond shape that is suitable for him or her. Since there are different cuts and shapes of diamonds that have evolved, there is a big list of diamonds from which you may choose the one suiting your personality.

Here is a checklist, which can help you in deciding the diamond shape ideal for you.

Round Diamond

The round brilliant diamond is the classical diamond, which is popular around the globe. It will be the picture of a round diamond, which comes to one’s mind when he/she hears the term diamond. This kind of diamond signifies the sincerity and romantic appeal of the person wearing it. The wearer of a round brilliant diamond is also considered to be a faithful and honest person.

Princess-Cut Diamond

A princess-cut diamond is the second kind of diamond, which comes in the list of most popular diamonds. It comes in square shape and has either 57 or 76 facets. This diamond shape is a mixture of contemporary touch and modern design. Fun-loving and clever brides usually wear rings featuring this kind of diamond. They are bold enough to take any kind of risks and love to be the center of attraction everywhere.

Emerald Diamond

It is a rectangle-shaped diamond stone with a glossy design. It usually comes with 57 facets. Those women who wear this are believed to have a deeper sense, are considered very bold and daring enough to take risks. They will be ready to expect and face the unexpected courageously. They also have a great affinity to designs.

Cushion Diamond

It is also a square-shaped diamond with rounded edges. It has 58 facets, and looks like a pillow, and hence is also called a pillow cut diamond. The diamond is worn by romantic women who are also brave. They think of themselves as fashionable, and are very friendly, and will make a good partner.

Asscher Cut Diamond

This is a diamond that will surely catch the attention of many in a crowd of people. It has a special hall of mirrors effect, which creates a rainbow of light in the stone. Those women who love vintage items, wear this kind of diamond ring. Some celebrities have appeared wearing this diamond.

Though there are these and many other diamond shapes and styles, you can choose the one, which is ideal for you. Explore more about the features and benefits of each of the diamond shapes to decide which one is for you.