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Tips To Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger

Cheap Wedding Rings

Cheap Wedding Rings

Getting bigger diamonds can be highly expensive, as the price per carat of diamonds can increase based on the increase in their weight. But you make can give the illusion of size for your diamond rings without spending a huge amount if you follow some simple tricks. The following are some of the best tips that you can try to make your diamond rings look bigger:

Upgrade To A Halo

This is one of the best ways to enhance the size and brilliance of your diamond ring. Add one or two halos around the center stone to make it look a lot bigger than it really is. The small stones together with the center diamond can create the illusion of a bigger stone. Additionally, the combined sparkle of the center stone and small accent stones can accentuate the overall brilliance and sparkle of your rings.

Try Lab-Grown Diamonds

If you are looking for cheap wedding rings that come with bigger center diamonds, then consider lab-grown diamonds. Even though they are real diamonds, their artificial origin makes them highly affordable than their mined versions. So you can get bigger diamonds for the amount you have to spare by choosing man-made diamonds instead of natural ones.

Go For Three-Stone Setting

By adding additional stones on either side of the center diamond, you can make your diamond ring look bigger. The side stones should be slightly smaller than the center stone so that it gets the maximum attention. This can be a wonderful option to enhance the size and appeal of your solitaire rings.

You can choose different diamond shapes for your side stones. Some of the best options you can try to get affordable wedding rings are round, princess, cushion, pear, etc.

Avoid Some Diamonds

If you want a bigger center stone for a small budget, then it is better to avoid some diamond shapes that can have a smaller appearance in comparison with other shapes. Some of them are the princess and Asscher-cut diamonds. Much of their weight is concentrated below the table that will be usually hidden inside the setting. So their top surface area will be lower in comparison with many other diamond shapes. Therefore, it is better to avoid them if you want bigger diamonds.

Choose Diamonds With More Top Surface Area

Certain diamonds have more top surface area when compared to others. Some of them are oval, pear, marquise, and emerald. All these diamonds have an elongated shape that can make your fingers look slimmer and longer.

Make sure to consider these tips if you want to make your diamond ring look bigger at affordable rates.