Causes of Diamonds Falling Out

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A diamond falling out is a highly unlikely event regardless of the type of wedding ring or the engagement ring that contains it. However, when you consider the possibilities, the solid rings and settings coupled with large diamonds are less likely to lose diamonds than prongs or thin shafts or even delicate craftsmanship along with pave and melee. Although the event is unlikely, the following are the only reasons why the small diamonds may slip out.

Unstable Setting

If the diamond is not set properly to the ring, there is a possibility that the slightest disturbances may shake it out. This is a very unlikely event mainly because the setting is one of the most important things the manufacturers pay attention to. That said, this is still one of the possibilities even with the best wedding rings.


During the processes of burring, drilling holes, and filing, microscopic residues are produced in the diamond. Besides, polishing rouge and metal filings are also involved. There is a chance that when a tiny diamond is set, this residue may enter between the diamond and the setting. In the course of time, the ring is worn and it loosens up a little. Further, if the diamond ring is cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner, there is a chance that the residue is lost. This frees up some space, allowing the diamond to move out of its place and fall out. Luckily, though, if the ring is still in an ultrasonic cleaner, it is quickly found.

Wear and Tear

As people go about their daily lives, there is every probability that they sometimes forget about their rings and indulge in activities that involve loads and stress to the ring. Cheap wedding rings may get knocked or bumped, affecting the metal protecting the diamond and thereby fall out. Note that the designers and jewelers a have no idea of how a buyer may use the diamond. Therefore, it is everyone’s duty to buy what suits you. In case you know that you might use it a bit roughly, it is better to opt for a metal band like the white gold, which is stronger than the platinum bands. Moreover, avoid choosing too slim or thin bands or prongs to ensure the stability of the diamond.

If a diamond is damaged because of its rough handling, then the user is to be blamed. If the diamond comes loose without any external force or stress, then the manufacturer is to be held responsible.