Giving an Impressive Makeover to your Diamond Engagement Rings

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The diamond engagement rings will be one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry most couples own. After all, these sparklers symbolize the eternal love and commitment shared by the couples. However, it is not necessary that every diamond engagement ring will look supreme, gigantic, or extraordinary. There are many factors that can affect the overall appeal of your diamond engagement rings such as your financial status at the time you want to buy your engagement ring, your poor jewelry taste, etc. Note that the jewelry taste of most people tends to change or evolve over time and hence, there are chances for them to get bored with the look of their old jewelry. This is really significant in the case of diamond engagement rings since you are likely to wear it like every day.

One of the best ways to tackle all these issues is to rest your diamond rings. Giving a new look to your sparklers will surely give it a fresh appeal. You can opt to reset your diamond rings so as to use it as your beautiful wedding rings. It is to be noted that many couples tend to choose either a diamond engagement ring or a wedding band. In such cases, giving a makeover to your engagement ring will surely be a great option to rock your big day. If you are wondering about the ways to give a new look to your most valuable jewelry piece, there are many outstanding options. Some of those impressive ways to reset your diamond rings are listed below.

Adding More Stones to your Ring

In most cases, diamond engagement rings may flaunt a single solitaire at the center. You can change its overall look by flanking this main gemstone with a number of accent diamonds on each side. These accents will instantly boost up the overall bling factor as well as the appeal of your nice wedding diamond rings. The best option for this is to switch your plain platinum or gold diamond band using a pave diamond band. Note that you can use any type of setting for your accent stones depending on your persona and lifestyle. Additionally, make sure that the diamonds are perfect to highlight your center diamond. Even though this setting will change the appeal of your ring, it will still hold on to the original charisma of your sparkler.

Change the Center Diamond

For exceptionally beautiful wedding rings, it will be better to change the center diamond of your ring, especially if the diamond is smaller than 1 carat. For this, switch your smaller center stone with a bigger one. You can try variations when it comes to the cut, shape, and color or your main gemstone as well. In fact, this is one of the straight forward approaches to offer an instant and drastic makeover to your diamond rings. Usually, most couples will not be able to afford an extravagant diamond ring as they get engaged and often settle for the smaller ones. However, as you advance in your relationship as well as your life, you will be able to afford better options.

What will be a better option than to design your dream diamond ring in order to represent your personal as well as professional accomplishments?

Change the Diamond Ring Setting

Despite offering enough security for the gemstones, diamond ring settings play a significant role in the overall appeal of your diamond rings.  It is worth noting that the type of diamond ring setting is the main factor that reflects the style of the wearer. You can instantly say whether the wearer is an admirer of classic, contemporary, or both style by just analyzing the diamond ring settings of their ring. In most cases, people may go for simple prong setting or a taller setting such as cathedral as they get engaged. In order to give it an instant upgrade, you may consider a bezel or tension diamond ring setting depending on your style. However, the former will be a great option to offer extra protection to the center stone and hence, will be a good choice in the long run. Bezel setting can be perfect for a radiant cut diamond ring.

Add a Colorful Twist to your Diamond Rings

One of the effortless ways to give a dramatic makeover to your diamond engagement rings is to add colorful diamonds to your bands. In fact, this is the best way to nail both traditional and stylish diamond ring looks. Besides, there are colored diamonds available in all the rainbow colors and more; you may choose any of the options that define your style. However, colored diamonds are really rare when compared to their colorless counterparts. Hence, it will be an expensive affair to add colored stones to your solitaire diamond ring. In case you cannot afford colored diamonds, you may consider colored gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc., in order to achieve the same appeal at cheaper rates. When it comes to the designs, halo and three stone diamond ring settings are the most popular ones.