The Best Wedding Metal Bands for Men

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There are actually a lot of metal made bands from which men can choose. All these choices make it absolutely fun to shop for men’s wedding bands. This really is true in case of all men who actually weren’t hoping to find a wide range of choices. One of the ways to start the search for men’s bands is by researching about the metals that are actually used for building men’s wedding bands. This would surely help you in estimating what the best choice is which suit your lifestyle.

Some of the most common metals used for creating wedding bands for men are palladium, gold, tungsten, platinum, silver, and titanium. All of these metal choices have both strengths and weaknesses which make it really important for you to choose a metal that gets on very well with your way of life.

The Gold

If you are looking forward to finding the best wedding band for men, then you would be really marveled in discovering that some of the best wedding rings for men were made from white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. It is gold that is ranked higher in terms of men’s wedding bands.

Gold is usually blended together with alloys of other metals for strengthening it. This is because gold when it is in its purest form, is very soft and hence would not be suitable for regular usage. The purity of gold is estimated in terms of its karats. For instance, pure gold would be of 24-karats, on the other hand, for an 18-karat gold there would only be 75% of gold in it.

If you are planning to purchase a very thin wedding band, it would be best to choose an 18 karat or 14 karats gold.


Platinum occurs very rarely in nature and hence it is regarded to be one of the most expensive metals in the world. There was a time when this beautiful white metal was a very popular metal choice for making jewelry items. The availability of this metal became limited during the time of war. During this time when it was very difficult to find, white gold was used for an alternative for this metal. However, this metal again came to popularity by the end of the 90s. An extremely pure platinum band would have about 95% of platinum in it. The metal is usually stamped for showing its purity.