Things To Consider While Buying A Diamond Ring

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Diamond Ring Buying Tips 

Since the use of diamond rings are very common, there is a chance for the people to be cheated when they buy the diamond ring. For this reason, it is important to know the things which will help a person in choosing the right diamond ring. Many a time, the lack of knowledge about the rings can lead the person to buy an inappropriate diamond ring. The following things must be considered while buying any diamond rings anywhere.

  • Shape of the ring

There are diamonds of various shapes available in the market and hence it is important to know them. If the buyer has any particular choice of shape, he can go for it or else the round shaped diamond rings are preferable. Most people prefer the round diamond because of its incredible brilliance, fire and light performance. It is a fact that 75% of diamond rings feature a round center stone.

  • Size of the ring

The size of the diamond should also be considered while buying the ring. Though Carat is actually a unit of weight, it can also be used in approximation for the size of a diamond. It is better to go for the diamonds which come under the normal weights like ½ ct. ¾ ct. 1 ct. etc. They are usually sold at a very cheap price than the full weight diamonds.

  • Quality of the ring

There are several things to consider in the quality of the ring, namely – cut, color and clarity.

  1. Cut: It is the cut of the diamond which gives life to it. The cut impacts the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of the diamond. The higher the cut grade of the diamond, the more beautiful the diamond will be.
  2. Color: Mostly people prefer colorless or white diamonds because the color differences in the diamonds are usually not noticed easily unless the diamonds are compared side by side. Diamonds which are multi-faceted reflect more light and hence hide the color more than the other diamonds. Therefore if a person is concerned about the color it is better to go for round diamonds.
  3. Clarity: Clarity of the diamond doesn’t affect its outward appearance much and hence is taken into consideration only in the last. But if a person is interested more in the clarity of the diamond he should go for a higher clarity range of diamonds. There are different categories of diamonds which help a person in selecting the desired clarity diamonds. 

Choosing a diamond with an independent diamond grading certificate from a recognized gemological laboratory makes the buying easier. The evaluations by European Gemological Laboratory are more commendable than those by other laboratories. It is always preferable to keep a balance between the size and quality of the diamond.