Tips to Choose the Right Diamond Ring Guards

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Diamond solitaire rings are coveted for their utmost beauty and sparkle. Every person will be keen on securing the charismatic appeal of their sparklers as such for the rest of their life. One of the best options for this is diamond ring guards. Note that a diamond ring guard is a type of enhancer that is meant to boost up the beauty of a solitaire diamond. Additionally, it is a perfect option to secure your solitaire diamond from every angle since the ring guard contours the stone perfectly.

Usually, people choose luxurious diamond solitaire rings for their engagement and something subtle for their wedding bands. Unsurprisingly, most couples tend to purchase embellished ring guards as their diamond wedding rings. This will be a great option for all the brides who love to wear their beautiful wedding rings along with their engagement rings.

There are two ways to wearing diamond ring guard. The first option is to wrap the ring guards around your solitaire diamonds so as to create extremely brilliant and nice wedding rings. It will be really hard for the viewers to distinguish your solitaire diamond engagement rings and wedding diamond bands in this case. This type of diamond ring guards is known as diamond ring wraps. Alternatively, you can stack the ring guard either above or under your solitaire ring. This type of ring guards is commonly known as insert diamond rings.

As customers, you may often get confused of diamond ring guards with diamond ring bands. Actually, there are some sound differences between these two options; the former is designed in a way to contour the solitaire shape and will have enough room to perfectly accommodate your brilliant solitaire. On the other hand, the latter comes with an individual style and tends to support the solitaire ring rather than accommodating it.

When it comes to the purpose of diamond ring guards, it is used to protect your luxurious diamond rings while augmenting its appeal. Furthermore, one of the main issues with solitaire diamond rings is that the solitaire diamond tends to droop or roll over to a side because of its weight. You can easily tackle this issue by attaching a diamond ring guard to it. This is why most couple prefers beautiful wedding diamond ring guards over conventional wedding bands these days.

Additionally, there are some important factors that you must keep in mind when you purchase diamond ring guards. Some of those points are listed below.

  • If you desire a unified appeal, it is better to choose a ring guard with the same metal as that of your diamond engagement ring. Otherwise, go for a contrasting metal to create an edgy and unique appeal.
  • Make sure to choose diamond ring guards of perfect size because it is really difficult to resize them, unlike wedding bands.