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Wooden wedding rings are a great option for those couples who want to have something unique, attractive and also keep it eco-friendly. These are engraved using a wood burning tool. Some of the hardest among the bunch are made out of hardwoods. Besides, they are crafted using the bentwood process. They are then subject to a finish which improves their attractive looks and also their durability, making them some of the best wedding rings available. Below is a discussion on the features of wooden rings including their pros and cons.

Pros Of Wooden Wedding Rings

Apart from being eco-friendly and beautiful, it is possible to convert them into any style with the help of colorful hardwoods. This includes colorful inlay designs, plain wood bands, and braided patterns. Wooden engagement rings and bands can also be set with center diamonds and gemstones.

Wooden rings are hypoallergenic in the majority of situations. This depends on the type of finish applied to the ring. It would be a huge relief for those with allergies to metal rings. Furthermore, there are hand-carved wood rings which are among the most unique. Each one is different and there may not have another ring like it anywhere.

Wooden rings could be crafted in the form of matching sets. Besides, they may get additional customized features over them.

Note that wooden bands are comparatively low when it comes to conducting heat and electricity. Therefore, ones who work close to electrical devices and may be in danger if they use metal rings could find relief in wooden alternatives.

Finally, wood provides nice wedding rings and are ideal for those looking for inexpensive wedding rings which have high quality.

Cons Of Wooden Wedding Rings

A huge disadvantage of wooden engagement rings is that they require you to take extra care of them if you want them to remain in a good state for a long period of time. Furthermore, it is not possible to resize them. There is a bright side that replacing them is affordable. You can easily change size after a few years and it will not cost a fortune.

The ethical and environmental advantages of these rings would be lost if they are composed of platinum, gold, gemstones, or diamonds that have not been acquired from eco-friendly sources.

Bear the above facts in mind when you go shopping for wooden engagement rings.