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Is Not Using A Wedding Band A Bad Sign For A Relationship?

Good Wedding Rings

Good Wedding Rings

The wedding band is a sign that a marital relationship is nearing an end. Why? Because it is a token of your married status. Therefore, not wearing this piece of jewelry is a potential sign that your status is single again. It is an annoying situation for a celebrity because the paparazzi and media monitor virtually every move of a famous person. Imagine that you are a well-known person; you do not want a media outlet’s photographer to click you without your ring. If it happens, there would be a rumour that you are no longer in a marital relationship.

That said, there are exceptions to the above-mentioned situation. There are some occupations and situations that require avoiding the use of these jewelry pieces. Here, we will discuss some of those situations and occupations, alongside some useful tips on tackling them with the best cheap wedding bands for you.

When To Avoid Using A Wedding Band

When Working In Construction

A construction worker should not use a wedding band, especially one with a precious metal option, in their duty time. Platinum, tungsten, silver, and gold can scratch easily; as a construction staffer, you may ruin a ring made with one of those metals. A tungsten carbide ring is a good option for a construction worker since tungsten carbide is more scratch-resistant than the other metals mentioned above.

When Working As An Electrician

An electrician should also avoid using a metallic wedding band with a metal used in the form of bonding material. Several non-metallic rings may have metallic accents or inlays. Therefore, an electrician should ensure that their ring is fully non-metallic. Black ceramic bands with wood inlays make for good wedding rings for electricians.

When Leading An Active Lifestyle

Consider not using wedding bands when gardening, swimming, using a swimming pool or hot tub, and in other such situations. Small rocks and dirt are abrasive materials for jewelry. If you do not clean your ring right away, it can get damaged for good. Be aware of the risks that your gardening gloves pose to your wedding band as well.

Chlorine can discolor and otherwise damage platinum, sterling silver, and gold rings as well as erode the polish and finish of gems over time. Even sweat can cause the sterling silver to tarnish fast. Therefore, it pays to avoid using forms kinds of wedding bands when in a swimming pool or hot tub.