Red Diamonds

Red Diamond: The Queen Among Fancy Colored Diamonds

Red Diamonds

Red Diamonds

Diamonds are among the fantasies of many people. Most of you may be familiar with colorless diamonds, but there are also colored diamonds. If you want a fancy colored diamond ring, it is going to cost you a lot more. Diamonds with blue, red, green, yellow, and pink colors are found in nature. Do you know which one among these colored diamonds is the rarest? As the title says, it is a red diamond. Let us know more about the majestic red diamond in this article.

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are fancy-colored diamonds and are the rarest diamond found on the planet. It doesn’t have any impurities in it and can be called a pure carbon gemstone. Red diamonds are so rare that only a few red diamonds are found each year around the whole planet. There are very few diamond mines in the world that have red diamonds. Red diamonds are found in mines in places including India, Brazil, Australia, and Africa. The most famous mine for red diamonds is the Argyle diamond mine in Australia.

Unlike other fancy-colored diamonds, the red diamond doesn’t get its color from impurities. The reason for the red color is still a topic for debate. The red color occurs maybe due to the changes in atomic structure.

Considering the rarity of these diamonds you may have guessed that their price will be humongous. Yes, you are right. The price of a red diamond can be more than a million USD per carat.

Color Intensity Levels Of Red Diamonds

Normally, fancy colored diamonds are graded using terms like vivid, intense, fancy, etc but these terms are not used for red diamonds. Modifiers are used to mention the color of red diamonds. These modifiers are brownish, orangey, and purplish. The purplish-red diamonds are the most expensive and the price is very high than red diamonds with brownish and orangey overtones.

Now let us see some famous red diamonds.

The Moussaieff Red Diamond

The Moussaieff red is a triangular brilliant cut diamond. The diamond was bought by the Moussaieff Jewellers in 2002. This red diamond weighed more than 5 carats and has an approximated value of twenty million USD.

Kazanjian Red Diamond

This is another red diamond that is famous all around the world. The Goudvis brothers in Amsterdam cut and polished this red diamond into a 5.05 carat Asscher cut diamond.

The other two famous red diamonds in the world are Deyoung Red Diamond and Hancock Red Diamond. The extreme rarity and elegant rich appearance are the main reasons for their high price.