How To Choose Diamond Cuts That Matches Zodiac Signs

It is the most difficult task in the world to find the most perfect ring for the lady love to seal your marriage for a lifetime. Everything should be special about the ring and unique in every way. But have you ever thought the odds that you met in the one out of billions of people in the world has. There must have been some influence of stars that made your paths cross and made you fall in love with each other.

Zodiac signs reveal a lot about your personal characteristics that makes you unique; your style tendencies are at times predicted based on your signs.

So if this makes sense to you, it will be best to choose your ring which goes hand in hand with your astrological signs.

Which Diamonds Matches For Aries

Aries is the most headstrong, confident and brave among the zodiac. Like their symbol Ram, they love to be on top and are known to stand out from the crowds. Hence, the ring that is meant for Aries must be the one that stands out from the rest. The marquise cut diamond makes a perfect pick for an Aries which will also compliment their characteristic of taking things head on. These diamonds are less common than the other diamond cuts which will be accurate for their personality.

Which Diamond Cut Matches With Taurus

Taurus represented by a bull sign are known for being materialistic, ambitious and very reliable. They crave simplicity, elegance and value luxury. They have keen eye for aesthetics hence they get attracted to class rather than glitter. Hence, a perfect princess cut diamond will adore their ring finger better than any other. They will be enchanted with its clean lines and perfect finish.

Which Cut Matches With Gemini

Gemini is represented by the twins who show their dual aspect in their personality which throws light on their glaring streak of indecision. They can be very challenging by being very flexible with their choices. An adaptable ring, like a pear cut diamond which can be won either pointing forwards or backwards. This will make the ring look different every time they let it adore their finger. Adding up a little excitement by adding rose-gold to its mold will make them hooked to the ring forever.

Which Cut Matches With Cancer Zodiac

Cancer which is represented by a crab is very emotional being who is extremely creative and compassionate. They value those who are close to them. Their love transcends time. These free-spirited beings love to spend time near water bodies or with their one true love. The diamond of the semi-bezel set ring makes it look like it is floating hence it is perfect for a Cancer who love to live in their fantasy world.

Which Diamond Cut Matches With Leo

Represented by a lion, they embody the fierce and confident royal energy craving for the spotlight. They are also very warm-hearted and with an amazing sense of humor, all the more reason to love them. To catch their attention, the best pick would be an emerald cut ring which will glow and sparkle adding to their vibrant personality like a halo.

Which Diamond Cut Matches With Virgo

Represented by the Virgo, they are the most practical, loyal and down-to-earth in the zodiac. Their perfectionism makes them who they are and they don’t settle for less. They like to keep thing simple and neat. A round cut diamond in a solitaire setting will be perfect to impress the analytical Virgo. Gold or platinum is the best choice for them as they stick to basic and like to keep everything traditional.

Which Diamond Cut Suites Libra

Represented by scales, these souls are known for being romantic and caring towards their loved ones. They value balance in their life but conforming to something is not their way. It is best to expect the unexpected from a Libra. A three-stone ring which will symbolize the balance and harmony will be perfect for them. With an unexpected addition of pear shaped side stone will blow their mind with happiness.

Which Diamond Cut Suites Scorpio

Like the name, they are represented by the scorpion who is authentic to core and complex with their emotions. They come across to be intense beings who can feel everything more than any other zodiac can fathom. A pear cut diamond is a perfect choice for a Scorpio and making it unique by choosing it as the center stone. This kind of bold choice will compliment the intensity of a Scorpio.

Which Diamond Cut Suites Sagittarius

Like the archer which represents the sign, they are honest, adventurous and independent. Their sense of humor stands out and their appetite for adventure makes them unique. An oval shaped diamond to an east to west setting will be perfect for these unconventional beings.

Which Diamond Cut Suites Capricorn

Represented by a sea-goat, this sign is ambitious, persistent and realistic beings. They value sophisticated craftsmanship. They value family bonding and tradition over anything. An asscher cut diamond will fulfill their aesthetics for sophisticated will make a perfect ring for Capricorn.

Which Diamond Cut Suites Aquarius

These water-bearers are assertive, humanitarian and easy-going who love originality and unpredictability. They stand out with a unique gemstone ring like a blue sapphire ring which will inspire their creativity.

Which Diamond Cut Suites Pisces

Represented by fishes, these signs are known for their creativity and imagination. They are the most romantic signs of the zodiac who displays their strong feelings apologetically. A heart shaped diamond ring is the most perfect ring for these hopeless romantic ones who can’t keep their hearts to themselves.

Choose the most suited diamond for your love understanding their innate character which makes them so unique based on their zodiac. At RockHer you can customize your own piece to ensure its suitable for your loved one.