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A Helpful Guide to the Best Diamond Ring Cuts for Women

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Diamond Ring Cuts

The most important and expensive part of a wedding ring is its center diamond. Hence, it must be of the best quality. When it comes to the quality of a diamond, it is decided on the basis of the 4 C’s: the cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. Out of these, the cut quality of a diamond is the most important feature since it directly affects the brilliance and ultimately the visual appeal of the stone.

There are numerous diamond ring cuts available, and hence, it will be hard for you to choose the right one. Note that it is always better to choose a cut that is suitable to define your personality and lifestyle rather than blindly following the trends. Below are some of the stylish diamond ring cuts that are suitable for almost every bride.

Round Brilliant Cut

This is the most popular and classic diamond ring cut so far. Round brilliants are cone-shaped and have rounded-off tops. They boast 58 facets that are closely arranged to offer a maximum reflection of light. As a result, round brilliant cut stones are the most brilliant diamonds ever. The beautiful wedding rings made of round brilliants are perfect for all the brides who are in awe of traditional and elegant designs. This timeless gem cut can withstand the test of time and is also a good investment piece.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut features a rectangular shape and comes with step cut facets. As a result, emerald cut stones offer a mirror-like reflection instead of a scintillating brilliance like round brilliant diamonds. This property makes emerald cut stones look much bigger than their actual carat weight. If you are looking for affordable wedding bands that offer a sophisticated, luxurious, and vintage appeal, a three stone emerald cut diamond ring will be the perfect option. Additionally, the elongated silhouette of the stone is perfect to make your fingers look elongated and flattering.

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut stones feature squared off silhouette and softened corners in order to offer maximum reflection and sparkle. As a result of its unique cut, the stone usually looks like a cushion or pillow. Hence, it got the name. This type of diamond ring cut with larger facets will be perfect for bigger stones. If you love to flaunt something equally vintage and modern on your wedding day, this is the perfect option. Like icing on the cake, you can make it even better by giving a halo of tiny diamond accents.