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Best Ring Settings For Active Women

Best Wedding Rings

Best Wedding Rings

When choosing an engagement ring and wedding band, it is important to make sure that they fit your lifestyle so that you can wear them comfortably. There is a wide variety of ring settings used for engagement and wedding bands, but if you are leading an active lifestyle, some of them might not be suitable for you.

Ring settings with delicate details and a large number of accent stones might not be suitable for women leading an active lifestyle. However, there is a wide variety of other stunning engagement ring settings available for active women. Some of the best wedding rings that can be suitable for people leading an active lifestyle are listed below:

Bezel Setting

This is one of the best choices for you if you work a lot with your hands. In this setting, the center diamond will be protected by a strip of metal that encircles it. As the metal strip encircles the entire circumference of the stone, the chance for your diamond to become loose is extremely low.

This setting can be a wonderful alternative for traditional solitaire engagement rings that come with a prong setting. Additionally, the stone in a bezel ring will be low-set thereby reducing the risk of damages. This setting does not have any prongs and the corners of the stone are not exposed, hence, the chance for your bezel ring to snag on things is extremely low.

All these properties of a bezel ring make it a great choice for people who lead an active lifestyle or those who tend to engage in strenuous activities with their hands.

Six-Prong Setting

If you give priority to the protection of your stone, then you can choose a six-prong setting instead of four prongs. As there will be more prongs to hold the stone in place, it can reduce the chance to lose your stone because of the prongs getting loose.

Channel Setting

This setting secures the stone to the band with the help of two metal strips that resembles a channel. The metal strips will the set parallel and the girdle of your diamond will be secured between them thereby offering better protection for the stone.

The four-prong setting has only four prongs, hence, the chance of losing your stone can be high. Pave and halo settings come with a lot of small stones, so they can be difficult for you to clean and maintain. Therefore, it is better to avoid these settings when choosing bridal rings for women who lead an active life.