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Diamond Spread: What Is It?

Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

The title may have gotten several readers intrigued; sounds more like a fancy term that most diamond ‘newbies’ may not have yet chanced across. They are a way to better understand the diamond and is not as big of a consideration as the 4C’s. But before we get to the nitty-gritty details, let us clear the air around what diamond spread exactly is.

What Is Diamond Spread?

It is simply the measure of the diamond when looked from above, with the table facing the top. For those unaware, the table is the flat-facet of the diamond that looks like the flat of a table. It is this measure of the diamond that the diamond appears to be large for its carat weight. This means that a 5 carat diamond that has a larger spread will look bigger on an earring or a ring, than a 5 carat diamond that has a smaller spread.

So this gives the question: is there an ideal spread for a diamond? The case is different for different cuts of the diamonds; for example, a round cut has a range of 55% to 60%. So if you were to choose a brilliant cut diamond that has a spread in the above mentioned range, then you will have a bigger brilliant cut diamond ring with the most optimal sparkle without sacrificing heavily on the brilliance.

However, the diamond spread must not be confused with something else, called spread diamond.

What Are Spread Diamonds?

The term spread diamond refers to a diamond that is mostly shallower. These diamonds are spread out more, which translates to low depth and meaning that they are not in that above mentioned ‘sweet spot’ range. Now, these diamonds are definitely bigger to look at due to the larger table, but they are severely compromised on the brilliance. The sparkle and fire of the diamond are much less significant and easier to miss than another diamond ring of the same carat weight.

The reason for this is the stones that are deeper have more facets to refract and bounce off light, than a much shallower diamond. More the number of facets more will be the sparkle due to the bounced light.

If your goal is to have a diamond that looks bigger from afar, then going for a spread diamond makes sense. But if you are the sort who is a firm believer in the phrase “Good things come in small packages” then it would be wise for you to choose a deeper diamond.