Bridal Rings For Women

Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Wedding Rings

Bridal Rings For Women

Bridal Rings For Women

There are no clear specifications when it comes to men’s and women’s wedding rings. It all comes to a person’s likes and style.  However, there are some traditions followed by men and women when choosing wedding rings. While men usually go for simple and wide bands, women prefer thinner and delicate rings. So when choosing your wedding rings, you have to know about the common styles and designs preferred by men and women.

The following are some of the important factors that help to differentiate between men’s and women’s wedding bands:

Ring Size

Men’s fingers will be usually thicker and bigger than women’s. Therefore, size is one of the important factors that people usually consider when getting wedding rings. Men will need bigger bands so that they will be noticeable on their fingers. Men’s ring sizes usually range between 8 and 14, however, the popular options include sizes between 9 and 11. On the other hand, bridal rings for women usually range from 3 to 12, where the most commonly used options being 6-8. Hence, there is a clear distinction between men’s and women’s wedding rings in terms of their size.

But today, you can also get unisex rings that can be suitable for men and women. They will usually have a medium size and are not too small or not too wide.


While men tend to go for simpler designs, most women prefer delicate details on their rings. Men’s wedding rings that are commonly available today will be plain or with simple patterns. But women’s rings can carry embellishments that give them an intricate look.

Also, men tend to avoid ring designs that can get damaged easily, as they tend to engage in more strenuous activities with their hands.


Men’s bands may or may not come with stones. If they contain gemstones, then they will be typically small and are usually embedded into the band so that these stones won’t get in the way of using hands. Also, the stones in men’s bands normally have a neutral look or might come in darker colors.

But good wedding rings for women tend to be flashy and shiny. Many women also prefer colorful stones for their wedding rings to make them distinct.

The Weight

As men’s rings will be heavier, they need more metal which makes them costly. Therefore, a lot of people go for alternative metals like palladium, tungsten, stainless steel, etc. to save money.

Women’s wedding rings will be usually small and they only require less amount of metal.

So if you are trying to find out rings that are suitable for men and women, make sure to consider these factors so that you can clearly differentiate between them.