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One of the most beautiful and memorable days in your life will be the one when the love of your life proposed to you with an incredible sparkler. There will be hardly any day that passes by without you contemplating on the beauty of your diamond engagement ring irrespective of whether you got engaged a year ago or a few decades ago. In fact, many things in your life would have changed such as the place you live, your lifestyle, career, friends, etc. Yet the only thing that has been permanent or timeless throughout all these changes will be your diamond engagement ring.

Note that many couples tend to upgrade their diamond engagement rings in order to give it a refreshing makeover. You may find this idea as a bit strange because of the common belief that diamond engagement rings are forever. However, you would have noticed that the love between you and your partner has grown amazingly post marriage. So, there is nothing unusual in sprucing up your engagement ring a little bit in order to complement your relationship that changed in a good way. Below are some of the important details that you must keep it mind when you plan to upgrade the diamond ring that your partner proposed to you with.

Why Upgrade your Diamond Engagement Ring

There are numerous reasons that facilitate the idea of tweaking the style of your engagement rings. For one, diamond ring trends tend to change almost every day. Obviously, the design of your engagement rings would have gone out of fashion making you uncomfortable to flaunt it now. Similarly, your own personal jewelry style would have changed over the years. Sometimes, you would have been an admirer of classic designs before some years, but you will be more into the trendy diamond ring designs now.

In most cases, men will not be able to propose to their better halves with extravagant diamond rings because of their financial issues at that time. Note that they have to deal with many responsibilities at that time such as engagement party, marriage, buying a new house, etc. Nevertheless, things would have changed positively with time and you are more likely to be in a better financial state to afford any of the luxurious bridal rings for women available at the stores.

Apparently, there is nothing wrong in styling up your sparklers a little bit in such cases. In fact, upgrading your diamond rings will be way better than being stuck with a sparkler that does not suit you anymore.

When to Upgrade your Engagement Ring

Actually, there is no particular time to upgrade your engagement ring; it totally depends on the convenience of the couple. You may alter your rings whenever you are ready. Still, there are some milestone occasions when most couples tend to alter their diamond engagement rings, and you may consider those as well. The common ones include an anniversary, the birthday of your significant other, vow renewal ceremonies, the birth of your child, etc. Some couples tend to upgrade their engagement rings on their wedding day itself in order to use it as diamond engagement wedding band as well.

How to Upgrade your Engagement Rings

The only thing that you must keep in mind once you decided to upgrade your diamond ring is to tweak its style in such a way that it complements your style and relationship. Some of the most common and popular diamond ring upgrade styles that you may consider are given below.

  • Replace the Center Diamond: The center diamond of your engagement ring represents the relationship between you and your partner. Hence, it will be a great option to replace it with a better stone in order to define your love that grew post marriage. For this, you may choose a higher quality diamond that offers the best light performance. Otherwise, you may change the shape, color, size, etc., of your diamond. However, make sure that you are financially stable to afford such diamonds.
  • Go for a New Band: Replacing the center diamond of your ring will be an expensive process and some couples will not be still able to afford this. In such cases, you may opt to change the metal band of your engagement ring. That is, if your ring features a platinum band, you can change it with other options such as yellow gold, rose gold, etc. Similarly, altering the thickness of your diamond ring band or pave setting tiny diamonds on it will also be great options.
  • Add a Halo: Sometimes, you have your eye set on a supremely sparkling and huge diamond, but cannot afford it for some reason. Adding a halo to your center diamond will be the best way to tackle this. Note that surrounding your main gemstones with a halo of diamonds will instantly lift up the overall size as well as the bling factor of your center stone. You may even go for two or three layers of halo around the centerpiece diamond in case you adore vintage or sophisticated diamond ring designs.