Best Wedding Rings

Terms You Must Know Before Going Out To Buy A Ring

Best Wedding Rings

Best Wedding Rings

The role that an engagement ring play at a wedding is not a secret. This puts more pressure on you, who has to do the engagement ring shopping, find a model she might like and buy it hoping she will love it.

If you are planning to shop together for the best wedding rings, it can make the selection part easier. But do you want to travel all the way to a jewelry shop to only find out that you can’t understand the complex terms the salesperson is using? When it is no child’s play, why not spend a while trying to understand the common terms related to these small pieces of jewelry.

The Anatomy Of A Ring

The Band

This is the part of the ring which will go around the finger. Even though it does not meet the eyes of people, it sure does add to the rings charm from different angles. The color, width, and metal of the band contribute to the ring’s beauty and value. Different types of the band metals are gold, platinum, rose gold, and silver. The price of gold rings of different types varies based on the amount of gold. For example, 22K (is the costliest), 14K, 18K.

The Setting

A setting is the part of the ring that holds the stone. Playing one of the most important roles, the setting is about more than just securing the ring to the band, it is also the most intrinsically designed part of the ring. The detailing of the setting makes the diamonds in the ring stand out. It provides strength and glamor at the same time. Popular settings bought by people are prong, cathedral, bezel, channel, bar channel and Pave.

The Stone

A ring can contain more than one stone. However, when “a stone” is addressed, they are talking about the center stone. The center stone is the star of the ring which is held by a beautiful setting. There are different types of stones settings- center stone, solitaire, three stones, and halo.

Sometimes, rings also have several stones surrounding the main stone or decorating the band length. These stones make the ring stand out and sparkle, adding to its worth.

Cut And Carat

Carat and cut are two important words pertaining to the precious stone of a ring. The carat, in simple words, is the weight of the stone in “diamond terms”. The cut of the ring is the shape in which the rough stone was cut to give it the shine, fire, and brilliance you see now.

And diamonds are not a necessity! Some couples just opt to buy the best wedding bands. Simple and classy!