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The Best Wedding Band Metals

Best Wedding Rings
Wedding Band Metals

When it comes to selecting wedding rings, you should choose the metal according to your taste and utility. What a traditional person loves might be entirely different from someone who is fashion-forward and engages in daily outdoor activities. Hence, you need to understand the features of the metals before you can go ahead and purchase the best wedding rings. Below are some of the most preferred precious metals for wedding bands and diamond rings.


Platinum is usually the first choice for wedding ring bands these days due to their exceptional hardness, durability, and wear resistance. Their outer layer does not undergo fading even after prolonged use. Besides, they are also hypoallergenic, which means that you can easily use them throughout your lifetime.

White Gold

White gold is the combination of yellow gold with metals like silver and palladium. This is done so as to produce an increased shine and polish. Besides, the white metals act as an excellent backdrop for diamonds.

Usually, white gold is coated with rhodium, which brings brilliant white luster to it. Moreover, rhodium is hypoallergenic and offers protection to the white gold beneath the surface. However, it wears away with prolonged use, but it can be re-plated easily to restore its initial brilliance and luster.


Palladium is another white metal that falls in the category of precious metals for making the best quality wedding rings. They have great durability and wear resistance, and are popular because they do not require re-plating to maintain their sheen. Furthermore, they are cheaper in comparison to platinum.


Silver is one of the oldest precious metals for jewelry use. It has a characteristic malleability and is one of the cheapest precious metals available. However, before buying a silver ring, remember that it tarnishes and picks up wear much faster than the other metals. To solve this issue, you can coat it with rhodium too. This will offer essential protection to your wedding ring.

Rose Gold

Rose gold, also known as red gold or pink gold, is a romantic choice for wedding rings these days. If you are looking for a traditional yet different ring, then you can go with rose gold jewelry. Rose gold is often used in bi-colored settings, in combination with yellow gold or white gold.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has always been the go-to traditional wedding ring metal. It has distinct warmth, which is achieved by the presence of pure gold, silver, and copper. The karat you choose will determine the hardness of the ring.