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Most of the women around the globe like to have a round brilliant cut diamond on their engagement ring. This has been the trend since the beginning. However, several new trends came afterward, which became famous and loved. Presently there are numerous styles and fashion trends of engagement rings and diamonds available in the market.

The quality and appeal of an engagement ring will depend on several factors like the band metal, stone cut, the setting of the stone, etc. Surveys say that the most loved type of engagement ring in the world is the ring with a round diamond along with a white gold metal band in a prong setting.

However, those brides who wish to be a change from the normal style can choose the one fitting for them from several other options. If you are a person looking for cheap wedding and engagement rings and want to have a unique style of ring, you may choose a ring with a colored gemstone on it. This change from the classic style of engagement ring can make you stand out in a crowd.

The price of a ring will depend on the type of gemstone used, the metal used for the band, the setting of the ring, etc. One can seek the help of a consultant in a ring shop to find affordable wedding rings.

Here are some suggestions for colored gemstones on your ring.


This gemstone is known for its ocean blue color. It symbolizes courage, health, youth, hope, etc. The fact that it is also the March birthstone makes it more lovable. It is less expensive and affordable than a classic engagement ring.


It is a yellow colored gemstone and symbolizes prosperity. It is also the birthstone of November. It is similar to topaz and is considered as a November birthstone.

Colored Diamonds

Diamonds are also available in different colors. They come in colors like pink, red, black, etc. However, some of the colored diamonds are very rare and can be expensive. Using a colored diamond on the engagement ring can be a wonderful change from the traditional style of diamond rings. This can be good for those who want a change but also want to stick on to a diamond ring.


It is a green colored gemstone signifying a happy marriage. It has a long history related to royalty, which makes it much loved. The bright green color of the stone will surely be an eye catcher in a crowd.

There are many more colored gemstones, which can be part of cheap wedding and engagement rings.