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Wear and Tear Considerations While Choosing an Engagement Ring Design

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You should never forget to take into account the lifestyle and occupation of your better half while looking for a diamond engagement ring for her. Oftentimes, making small changes in the engagement ring design can help you improve the lifetime experience. First of all, everyone will knock and bump their engagement rings at least a few times a day with varying degrees of forces. Engagement rings that you choose should be able to withstand these shocks and impacts.

It takes good effort to make sure that an engagement ring setting is sturdy. In addition, experience and commitment to quality, especially in areas of claw/prong width, are also necessary to ensure that the diamond is sturdily set on the ring. Things can get risky in the following scenarios.

A Hard Knock

Any hard knock of the diamond engagement ring will need a visit to the jeweler. Most of the jewelers provide thorough inspections and cleaning free of cost for the life of the diamond ring. If a bump of your engagement ring is bugging you, you can get in touch with the jeweler to get it fixed.

Bumps and Knocks

Frequent bumps and knocks can compromise the structure of the ring setting. Sometimes, a hundred knocks might not make any changes to the ring setting, but a single knock after that might damage it totally. So it will be a good idea to visit the jeweler once in a year for checkup.

Jewelers Offering Real Cheap Quotes

Good Wedding Rings
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If the mission of the jeweler is to offer the cheapest diamond rings, you need to understand that the jeweler is not caught up in quality. The diamonds sold by the jeweler might not be bringing in buyers so the jeweler might be trying to attract people by cutting down the prices.

If someone promises you real cheap quotes, they might be skimping on quality and labor hours, or they might be trimming the design to low levels. So while looking for budget-friendly options, make sure to go for the jeweler who does not cut corners on the diamond ring quality.

Fine Tuning the Design

Some of the designs are more durable than others are. It will be a good idea to have a talk with your designer about your lifestyle, hobbies, and occupation. If there are any design flaws that will compromise the long life of your diamond engagement ring, the jeweler will be able to offer practical ideas and solutions.

Make sure that the diamond ring you choose is capable of standing the test of time. For that, you need to find a jeweler who offer good quality diamond rings consistently. Some of the profiles that are hard on diamond rings are teachers, fitness junkies and athletes, doctors and nurses, design and construction workers, stay at home moms, and chefs.

Use Common Sense

To have a good design, you just need to apply common sense properly. Regardless of the design preferences of the buyer, there are chances that the jeweler has previously designed similarly looking rings. The ring setting is a highly tailored part of the design and it will be much difficult to offer a general spread. However, the below points can be helpful.

  • You need to find a good claw setting; remember that the difference between a six or four claw setting is very much visible. The four claw setting is mostly used for square diamonds, whereas the eight or six claw setting is used for round ones.
  • If the ring is at risk of frequent impacts and one claw was to fail, you can be sure that the other claws will hold the diamond securely in place – which is more is better.
  • Tension and tube settings are not so common these days, but both of these settings offer decreased chances of things catching on to the ring. Moreover, these settings offer very clean lines.
  • None of the buyers will prefer a very high setting for the diamond, as it can be uncomfortable. It can also be risky too, as the ring might bang on frequently to other things.

Height is one of the design elements that need to be in perfect harmony to all the other settings. Most of the buyers think that the ring should be as low and flat as possible. However, a design can come out to be full, richer, and better, if it is offered to breath in terms of height.

This, however, does not mean that the practicality of the height should not be taken into consideration while deciding on the height. In fact, it will be a wise idea to consider the practical appeal of the design rather than aesthetics. You can always come up with a plan to make a setting work. Yet it is always important to take into account the practicality of the ring while considering the WOW factors of the same.