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Are Heirloom Wedding Diamond Rings a Good Option?

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Heirloom diamond rings feature an indefinable grace and appeal, making them an ideal choice for your grand wedding band. Undoubtedly, there is something very romantic and attractive about such vintage sparklers. Usually, those diamond rings which carry rich history and tradition in the family are likely to get passed down to younger generations.

A lot of people believe there is no better approach than presenting an heirloom diamond ring to welcome your better half into your family. This is often seen as the strongest symbol of acceptance. Even royals tend to showcase a special affinity towards such nice wedding rings. The 12-ct sapphire diamond engagement ring owned by Princess Diana which was inherited by her son after her passing, is a perfect example of this.

Heirloom rings are also a good option if you are looking for affordable wedding bands, since all you need to do here is some polishing or re-sizing, if any is needed. However, there are certain things which you must consider before gifting your heirloom diamond ring to your better half. Two of those important factors are given below.

Will Your Significant Other Cherish It for the Rest of Her Life?

Irrespective of the historical and traditional value of your heirloom diamond ring, you need to think on whether or not your bride would love flaunting it for some time to come. You never know; she may have her eyes set on something trendier and more streamlined. Besides, most heirloom diamond rings feature gaudy and heavy designs which generally encumber the millennial bride, so think twice before considering this option. In case your would-be is an admirer of vintage pieces and edgy items, you will be good to go. Still, it is best to talk about it first before making a decision.

Is Your Family Okay With It?

You would have heard about the heirloom diamond ring in your family. Just don’t make assumptions until the present owner pops it out of their locker and passes it over. Ask the owner if you can have the ring, and also tell them about your plans. Ensure them that your better half would treasure it for a lifetime, almost the same as they did. Furthermore, if you have siblings, they have equal right to the thing, and maybe higher if they are elder to you. Make sure your grandma or great aunt has no plans to pass down the ring to your brother or sister.