Champagne Diamond

Choosing A Champagne Diamond For Your Engagement Ring

Champagne Diamond

Champagne Diamond

Women usually go for rare, flawless, colorless diamonds for their engagement rings. For the ones who decide to go with unique, beautifully colored diamonds for their engagement ring, champagne diamonds are a great choice. These stones come in brown and yellow tints in light and dark shades.

Origin Of Champagne Diamonds

Like white diamonds and other gemstones, champagne diamonds are also sourced from various parts of the world. Australia, Africa and Siberia are the major players in the field of colored diamonds including champagne and pink diamonds. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia is the largest champagne diamond mine in the world.

Champagne diamonds are formed just like other diamonds in the depths of the Earth, over a period of billions of years. These diamonds have traces of nitrogen along with carbon atoms in their crystal structure. The nitrogen atoms are responsible for the unique champagne color of these diamonds. The stones are formed under the same pressure and heat conditions as white diamonds and have the same resilience, making them an incredible choice for use in everyday jewelry.

Making The Choice

Once you have set your mind on buying a champagne diamond for your engagement ring, go for stones with the desired color and excellent cut, the factors that would contribute to the beauty of the ring. A popular choice that is of good quality and aesthetic appeal is a 1 carat champagne diamond ring.

Whatever the cut, color and carat you choose, make sure to go with a reputed jeweler who deals with high-quality stones. The jeweler should be able to answer all your queries regarding your purchase. They should also have a decent collection of champagne diamonds for you to choose from. This will help you find the stone that best fits your specifications and budget alike.

Champagne diamonds are well-suited for people with a strict budget. These diamonds are not as rare as white diamonds or other colored diamonds, but have unparalleled beauty when set in well-crafted jewelry. They cost much less than colorless diamonds and can fit the budget of most people looking for a unique stone with beautiful color.

Like most other diamonds, the price of champagne diamonds also depends on their cut, carat weight and color intensity. The higher the carat and the more intense the color, the more expensive the stone will be.