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How the Metal Affects the Color of Your Diamond?

Best Wedding Rings

Selecting the right metal for your diamond rings is very important, as they have a significant impact on the overall appeal of your ring. Along with affecting the beauty of the ring, the color of the metal you select can also affect the color of your diamond. Hence, you have to choose it wisely. Therefore, we are providing you some tips for selecting the perfect metal for your ring, so that it will enhance the beauty of your diamond. These tips will be helpful for brides to select the best wedding rings for their big day.

Common metals used

Platinum, gold and silver are the most common metals used for wedding rings. Their workability, allure and durability make them a great choice for creating nice wedding rings.

For many people, the process of selecting a wedding ring starts with the selection of colors and designs. When coming to choosing a color for their ring, some people go for the warm feeling that the yellowor rose gold provides, whereas, some others prefer the cool look that is given by white metals like white gold or platinum. However, most people forget to consider the effect that the metal has on their stones. Choosing a metal that suits your stone will accentuate your ring, otherwise, it will diminish the ring’s beauty.

How to choose a metal?

When selecting a metal for your wedding ring you have to consider the following things:

  • Your diamond’s color: Colorless diamonds are the most commonly used gemstones on wedding rings. Even though they are called colorless, real colorless diamonds are very rare and the diamonds you get will be nearly colorless diamonds that will have a small tinge of other colors like brown, yellow, or gray. Therefore, before selecting a metal consider the color grade of your diamond and find out where your stone stands on the GIA D-Z color scale.
  • The fact that a diamond is very reflective: Diamonds have a large number of facets that help the light to enter the diamond and for reflecting the light back, so that it reaches the observers’ eyes. These facets act like tiny mirrors and they will reflect their surroundings including the color of the band and the prongs covering them.

Therefore, when you select a metal, make sure that it enhances the color of your diamond. For this purpose, you will have to select a metal that complements the color of your stone, i.e., both your metal and gemstones should be in perfect harmony.