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How to Select a Ring to Match Your Finger Shape?

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The shape and size of fingers will vary from person to person. Some can have long and slender fingers, while some others may have small and petite fingers. Therefore, when you purchase your wedding ring, it is important to select a ring based on the shape of your finger for them to look beautiful on your hands. Hence, we are providing some guidelines to select the best wedding rings that will flatter your hands.

Longer fingers

The advantage people with longer fingers will get is that most ring styles will suit their hands. If you have longer fingers, you can choose a round cut diamond or go for other fancy shapes. Princess-cut is a great option for you, as it will complement the shape of your hand. Other great options you can select include Oval, Cushion, and Asscher cut diamonds.

Long and slender fingers

For people with long and slender fingers, it is better to select a ring that will accentuate the length of their fingers. A marquise diamond is a great option for such people. You can also go for a wide setting if you want. This will give a wider look for your finger and will add more beauty to your hands. You can select rings that use more than one gem. For example, a trilogy ring which will have three diamonds arranged in a row will be an excellent choice for you.

Longer and fuller or strong knuckles

Rings with diamonds set north to south will create a wonderful option for these finger shapes. It will flatter your hand and will enhance the beauty of your fingers. Also, asymmetric settings will also create beautiful wedding rings for these people.

Selecting a more ornate or prominent setting will help to draw away the attention from strong knuckles. You can also choose rings with multiple bands.

Fuller fingers on smaller hands

For choosing the best wedding rings for people with this particular hand shape, it is better to consider wide rectangular or emerald shapes. You may also choose pear, oval, or princess cut diamonds. A daintier ring with a halo of round diamonds or any other simple designs will also suit you.

Petite fine-fingered hands

Delicate or understated designs will make the best wedding rings for people with such fingers. When it comes to diamond shapes, it is better to go for round, oval or cushion-cut diamonds. A ring with a four-claw setting will give a lighter and softer look for your hands.