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The History and Allure of Cocktail Rings

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Cocktail Rings History

In the olden days, cocktail rings were seen as a particular kind of rings, defined by a peculiar design and aesthetic. They were mostly worn on any of the fingers except the left ring finger which is believed to be for wearing wedding and engagement rings. However during these days, cocktail rings do not own a peculiar design, and this makes it a good choice for designing the best wedding rings.

Origin of Cocktail Rings

It is always best to know about the origins of cocktail rings to know more about them. These rings were a popular product of the prohibition era of America during the 1920s, which was often a period of many social advancements. Through these, women gained more freedom in their daily lives which include their freedom to cast vote. Most people wanted to celebrate the freedom they attained in all the possible ways they could.

Every possible kind of celebration that included wearing short skirts, cocktail parties, unusual haircuts, etc were frowned upon. It is through the popular cocktail parties that cocktail rings got their name. Women who lived during the 1920s used to wear the traditional cocktail rings when they came to these parties, and they expressed the newfound freedom through all the ways they can.

The cocktail ring was welcomed into use as a new era came up for consumerism for the sake of showing off and popularity during those days. Cocktail rings are massive rings made of gemstones, and they were the epitome of the excess which was a popular trend in the society during those times.

Symbol of Liberation

Women who lived during the times of prohibition-era of America used to visit the popular cocktail lounges in the most eye-catching, glamorous, and most excessive attire they owned, and this often included eccentric designs and sizes of popular cocktail rings.

Wearing a cocktail ring was seen as making a strong statement, as they believed that there is nothing wrong with showing it off, or even in drawing attention to the freedom they attained by themselves.

Nowadays, cocktail rings come in a wide variety of designs and colors – in pretty much all the designs you can think of. One of the best things about cocktail rings is that it is very likely for you to find something that can match your taste when it comes to the designs in cocktail rings.