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Tips to Buy 4-Carat Wedding and Engagement Rings

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Multi-carat diamonds are often considered as pieces for investments, as the price of the diamonds increases dramatically with the carat. Large carat diamonds such as 4-carat stones are not considered as a choice for budget buyers who are looking for the best wedding rings for them. They often appeal to people who like to spend thousands of dollars for a perfect diamond stone.

The price for 4-carat diamonds can vary to a great extent, starting at a price of around $17,000 and soaring beyond $100,000 for flawless stones. The price of the diamond reflects on its quality. If we consider the carat weight to be equal, then the other factors – the three C’s of diamond grading – cut, clarity and color, play a vital part in deciding the price of the stones. There are many things you should be aware of while buying a 4-carat diamond like the price range, qualities of the size of the stone, etc.

Budget Depending on Color and Cut of the Diamond

4-carat diamonds are generally expensive as they are rare to find. If you are some who are looking for a diamond that is large with a low price tag still should have a budget at least in the range of $17,000. However, a buyer would mostly need to sacrifice one of the major aspects of grading – color, for this budget as diamonds in this budget might have a warmer hue. But if you are someone who is not so concerned about the color of the stone, setting the diamond in yellow gold helps to mask the undertone of the stone.

This is not often a problem for people who have a higher budget as they can be more selective about the color, cut and clarity of the diamond. People who look for diamonds under the range of $25,000 would have to decide on the various aspects of diamonds that can be sacrificed. Color is a factor that most will not affect the sparkle of the diamond and it is one of the most subjective factors while selecting a diamond stone; some buyers prefer diamonds of warmer hues. However, downgrading can affect the price of the diamond, especially for people who are with a tight budget.

Buyers looking to buy crisp colorless diamond stones would not mostly be willing to sacrifice on the idea of a perfectly colorless stone. This may often mean choosing a diamond of lower clarity grades such as SI1. But, always be careful while sacrificing the clarity grade of the diamond as it can greatly impact the reflection of light inside the stone.

The lowest clarity grade that a buyer should select is the Slightly Included (SI) since clarity greatly affects the integrity of the stone. Diamonds that are graded below SI – as Included (I) mostly have inclusions and blemishes like carbon blemishes, cracks or even feather inclusions.

Sacrificing on the cut grade of the diamond can most often be tricky. A diamond that is poorly cut would not seem as brilliant while you wear it on your hand. As the size of the stone increases, the overall appearance of the diamond becomes less appealing. Therefore, it is important to buy diamonds having cut grades less than “good”.

Shape, Size, and Price

The shape of the stone also affects the price of the diamond just like the color, cut and clarity of the stone. Diamonds having certain shapes may command a higher price tag. For example, round brilliant diamonds are the most expensive as it offers more fire because of its shape.

Diamonds having fancy shapes can also make a 4-carat diamond look bigger when you wear it on your hands. Vertical shapes like pear, emerald, oval and marquise can often give the illusion of a larger carat size when they are compared with the princess or round brilliant shapes.

If you are someone who gives importance to the size of the stone, choose a diamond that gives an appearance that is larger than 4 carats. Always make sure to pay attention to the cut grade of the stone while choosing a fancy-shaped 4-carat diamond. Certain shapes like marquise, heart, and pear need to have proper dimensions and proportions for maximizing the beauty of the stone. A pear-shaped diamond that is cut too wide might look like a misshapen round brilliant diamond.


If you are spending much on a stone, always make sure to ensure your investment in it. An umbrella policy helps in upgrading the policy of a traditional homeowner to insure jewelry and valuable items. Also, many companies specialize in insurance for jewelry alone. The stone you buy will have to be appraised by a professional before buying an insurance policy for protecting the diamond. There can also be exclusions for certain coverage which you will need to understand before buying. Make sure to never wear the diamond before activating the insurance coverage.