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Are you mulling over the right wedding band design that can instantly impress your lady love? Well, this will depend on her style and personality. If your better half adores the classic and vintage beauties, the best option for her will be a Victorian style wedding band, which will be surely a blast from the past. Note that Victorian diamond rings boast the beauty of the 19th century and the best wedding rings in this genre tend to feature a significant amount of ornate works when compared to traditional wedding bands. The complex metal works such as filigree and milgrain were popular at this time. Plus, the halo setting and oval cut stones were also two of the major factors that made Victorian wedding bands outstanding.

If you are super rich, you can go for an authentic Victorian wedding band. Otherwise, it is better to choose a brand new sparkler that is designed in the Victorian diamond ring style. Needless to mention, the latter will be the ideal choice if you are looking for affordable wedding rings. Besides, vintage diamond bands are especially popular amongst women who are drawn towards unique jewelry pieces. In fact, most brides opt for this choice since it is known to stand the test of time and this is undoubtedly a huge factor to consider. Below shared are a few facts regarding the Victorian wedding bands, Check here for more info.

The main elements of Victorian style wedding bands

Filigree – As mentioned earlier, filigree designs were popular during the Victorian era. These metal works flaunt detailed works on the diamond ring bands that comprise of flowing, twisting, and curving shapes. This may usually look like a vine-like wedding band.

Metal choices – The most popular metal choice during the Victorian period was yellow gold. Note that silver was regarded as the most coveted option until then to set a valuable diamond.

Choosing between a Victorian style wedding band and a real vintage wedding band

If your better half is irrevocably in love with classic beauties, she is likely to be attracted to authentic vintage and antique beauties. So, it is necessary to weight the benefits of both vintage and vintage-style diamond rings to choose the right one. Note that this will boil down to the monetary and time factors. In most cases, authentic vintage diamond rings might boast an heirloom factor and it is unlikely to fit in your style if it does not belong to your family.

Plus, vintage wedding bands will be more expensive than vintage-style bands because of their age, as mentioned earlier. Most importantly, diamonds were not that popular during the Victorian era and hence, you might find a wedding band that is completely devoid of diamonds if you choose an authentic Victorian era wedding band.