Best CBD Wedding Gifts For Her

Weddings are one of those things that are supposed to be dreamy. Something straight out of a fairy tale as a lot of little girls spend hours thinking about how magical their wedding would be, when they walk down the aisle to their knight in shining armour. If you are someone who is reading this blog with the intent of tying the knot very soon, then you may have seen the anxiousness spread all across your women’s face. A mix of excitement and uncertainty clouds their minds and they are in a constant state of mood swings.

The months of wedding planning, choosing the right decorations, deciding upon the guest list, sending the invites, seeing through the catering and so much more! All of these sound exhausting to read, let alone execute. Most of the time, if not all, these are things that women would want a say in; after all this is the one thing the dreamy eyed little girl in her saw, all these years!

Don’t even forget about selecting the right bridal dress, scheduling hair and make-up appointments can do so much in wreaking havoc in the body; outbreak of acnes, inflamed toes and ankles with all the running around in the heels, restless nights and dark circles over not getting an ounce of sound sleep since the past weeks! The dread of not having the wedding in exactly the way she dreamed off is understandable at this point.

I think this would be an ideal time for you to thank and enjoy the presence of your to- be bride by getting her a heartfelt wellness gift that tell her how much you care for her; and what better way than to choose from the best CBD for women.

With many CBD suppliers sprouting with the legalisation of CBD derived hemp in the States, it is only evident that the choices that a man can choose from become vast! From lotions and creams to bath bombs and face packs, that all focus on one thing: Wellness!

We have jolted down the top of the line wellness gifts that you can pick up for your woman to help her relax and take it easy for the big day coming up! The CBD products that we have in store for you, will do plenty to help your women keep a cool mind. Read on…

The Best CBD Products For You To Get Your To-Be Missus!

Ambika Herbals Hemp “Yarrow + Pinon” Bath Salts

Women love to sip on wine, dimly lit candles on the soap holder, while submerging themselves lazily in a warm scented tub of water. What better way to complement all the above by dropping in a bath salt that has all the goodness of CBD to offer! Ambika Herbals Hemp “Yarrow + Pinon” Bath Salts are made from the richness of the therapeutic Full-spectrum CBD, essential oils to help your lady soothe and caress her aching body.

Simply drop in the required amount of the bath salts after drawing her bath and watch as she steps out an hour later completely rejuvenated with a smile of contentment plastered across her face. You are already winning her heart, husband!

Endoca’s Raw CBD Oil1500mg

A potent CBD derived hemp oil that is the one-stop shop for all things extract and tincture. The formula that they adapt is unrefined leaving the product the way it is found in nature with all the cannabinoids. Apart from the potent percentage of CBD are vital omegas, minerals as well as vitamins to further boost the overall wellness “quotient” of the CBD oil. The Endoca’s raw CBD oil can also be added into shakes for your beloved, say a mango shake if she has a penchant for alphonso mangoes. Or perhaps her cravings are more in line with pastas? Then you can simply add a few drops of the Endoca’s CBD oil at the end and mix it. You will have the goodness of CBD mixed in and will feel like you’re having a medicine that taste like pasta!

The bottle has 1500mg of pure full-spectrum CBD extract, with less that 0.2% of THC, and with a single drop containing 5mg of CBD as well as other essential terpenes.

Imbue Embody 25mg CBD Lip Balm

Be sure to stock your to-be wife’s purse with a healthy CBD lip balm alternative. Especially if your wedding is scheduled for the winters, or in the blistering heats of the summer the lips are usually the first ones to take a hit. The cracked and chapped lips hurt like a bummer, so be sure to have one handy the minute she needs it. The Imbue Embody CBD lip balm contains not just CBD but also other goodies in it like peppermint oils, to ensure that it maintains a sense of balance (homeostasis) in the lip by circulating nourishing blood to the damaged lip. You know for a fact when the minister says that you can kiss the bride, she will be lightly caressing you with her soft lips on yours.

De La Beuh Coffee Scrub

We have covered a bath salt but what if she wants to get out all the impurities in her skin and wants to feel rejuvenated? Then the De La Beuh Coffee Scrub is a must for her bathroom. In the same way that coffee can kick away your Monday morning blues, the coffee in the scrub will get her systems going first thing in the morning. Your betrothed will be in high spirits with all of the sleepiness down the drain the minute she steps out of her shower.

The scrub does a great job in exfoliating the skin, anti-oxidises and massages the skin while you scrub ensuring healthy blood circulation.

The Joy Organics

This is one company with a lien of CBD products that will take care of most of your skincare needs. They have salves, creams and even salve sticks for you to get your woman. Each product is infused with a healthy dose of phytocannabinoid-rich CBD with other great beneficial extracts that include black licorice and milk thistle. These products are also free of THC and the end result of trying them on is it will leave your skin refreshed, completely healthy and supple to touch .

Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara

This is a must especially if your woman likes putting on makeup! CBD is making its way to makeup products as well, and this is one brand that was quick to catch up to the trend. Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara will be your wife’s best friend from now onwards! The eye mascaras are made up of beeswax. While these make great sources of cosmetics than the synthetic ingredients that are being used by most big makeup names in the industry, these are not vegan friendly. The Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara makes use of CBD to create high volume for the lashes.

The best thing is that CBD oil does not gloop and feels creamy to touch. You can put on Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara without any fear of reaction and causing itching or rashness once you take it off. Instead the CBD in the product will do plenty to heal and repair the underlying skin on which it is applied.

CBD For Life’s Shampoo And Conditioner

When you are at getting healthy CBD products for her skin, do her hair a favour as well. Let the luscious locks bounce with the power of CBD for life’s shampoo and conditioner. These have the goodness of CBD and hemp that stimulate and enhance hair growth and regrowth. The shampoo blends the highest quality of essential oils and botanical extracts to go with the CBD in the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is very gentle and is perfect for all hair types be it curly, wavy, thin, thick or straight. It is also perfect for color treated hairs as well.

It helps reduce the split ends and the conditioner will ensure that the hair is kept well moisturised and keeps frizziness at bay! CBD for life’s shampoo and conditioner is probably the only hair product in her wellness inventory that would ask “how is your hair doing?”

CBD For Life’s Pure CBD Eye Cream

Another great entry from CBD for Life with their Pure CBD eye cream. The wedding season will be bound to leave a mark on you, with sleeplessness and walking up in the middle of the night! Baggy eyes in the morning and dark circles are not entirely out of the question especially at a time like this. This is where her knight in shining armour can present the CBD for life’s pure CBD eye cream. It is non-slimy and very cooling to touch. The serum can be applied right before catching some shut eye or even in the day. The CBD in the product will work to remove shrink lines, bagginess and sore eyes throughout the day!

What it will leave you with is radiant, moisturised under eyes that will bring out the colour in her eyes even more!

CBD for Life’s Pure CBD Foot Cream

Last but not least, all the running around is bound to end up hurting your ankles and heels! The last thing you want to see is white exposed cracks in the bottom of your heels, yikes! Simply putting on the CBD for life’s pure CBD foot cream on the problem areas will help erase all the dry cracks and will bring your elegant feet back to its glory day. With the power of CBD, anything is possible!

Plus the essential oils in the cream also go a long way in rejuvenating your skin!