Best Tequila Brands Available Online In USA

Tequila is one of the most popular distilled beverages in the entire world, which is made from the agave plant. One of the main features of tequila is that it is only produced in some regions of Mexico and the United States and Mexico consume about 50 % of the world’s tequila.

Here are some of the best tequila brands you can buy from an online liquor store.


One of the main features of Corralejo tequila is that it undergoes triple distillation while all other tequilas are only distilled twice. The distillation of Corralejo tequila is done using a copper pot still and then in column still method and again in a copper pot still. It is one of the most popular tequila brands in Mexico.


This tequila was first made in the year 1870 and remains one of the popular tequila brands. The brand offers a unique tasting experience because of the aging process used. Herradura’s Reposado Tequila Colección de la Casa Port is fermented using wild yeast. The tequila is then matured in vintage port casks for about 2 months.

Tanteo Cocoa

Tanteo’s tequilas are among the best-flavored tequilas available in the market right now. Tanteo Cocoa is a chocolate-infused tequila that combines the usual flavor notes of the spirit and a sweet note of natural chocolate extracts.

Cazcanes No. 9 Blanco

Cazcanes uses different distillation method for making their tequilas. In 2018, Cazcanes No. 9 Blanco won the award for the best unaged wine spirit at the San Fransisco World Spirits Competition. It is one of the most popular and enjoyable Blanco tequila available today.

Don Julio

Don Julio, one of the most popular tequila brands, is owned by one of the world’s largest spirit producers – Diageo. It was first launched in the year 1942. Don Julio Blanco is full of flavors and is deliciously smooth. The tequila offers a hint of citrus and crisp agave flavor.

El Jimador

El Jimador has the reputation of being the cheapest tequila brand available in the market. It is the best-selling tequila in Mexico and only uses agave for its production. If you are looking for tequila that fits your budget, then El Jimador’s silver tequila is the best choice.

T1 Tequila

Produced by Master Distiller Germán González, T1 uses only mature agave plants for making its tequila. The mature agave plants ensure a high concentration of natural sugar. Before being bottled, the Reposado tequila offered by T1 is aged for about six months in vintage scotch barrels.