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The Best Valentine’s Day Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

It is tradition to propose the loved ones on valentine’s day. Since the day is already set in a mood to embrace love and romance, it is one of the perfect times in a year to get engaged. Even if a person plans the day to spend every minute with their partner or if they book a dinner at a great place, a diamond ring is necessary to complete the proposal. Since there are several varieties of rings are available in the market, it is a hard task to find the best ring for the occasion. The following are some of the most popular valentines day engagement rings, and it will help you to get an idea about the popular designs and style of rings available in the market.

Morganite and Pave Ring

It is one of the most modern designs of engagement rings. Since it is a blend of a solitaire ring and eternity ring, it symbolizes the perfection in love, faith, and friendship in the life of the people getting engaged with such a ring. It mostly comes with a pink diamond in the center and small colorless diamonds on the sides. It got its name from the material used in making the ring set which is a combination of Morganite and rose gold. The reason for choosing this ring from the rest of the set is because, it is both classic and fashionable.

Double Halo Diamond Ring

A halo cut diamond ring is common for the people. It is a ring with a center stone surrounded by several small stones making it appear like a large single stoned ring. A double halo ring is similar to that of a halo cut ring but it has two layers of small diamonds surrounding the center diamond making it more elegant and beautiful. A combination of double halo settings with a simple platinum band gives a flawless look for such a ring.

Rose Gold Solitaire Ring

The position of the solitaire ring will always be on the top of the engagement ring collection. Even though it is one of the oldest design of engagement ring, its significance has made it evergreen for eternity. A solitaire ring is a simple diamond ring with a single stone. Even though it is an old design, there are several modifications made on the stone and also on the material of the ring over time. Presently the solitaire ring with a rose gold band is trending in the market because of its varied aesthetic beauty.

The above mentioned are some of the most trending valentines day engagement rings that are available in the market. There are several other modern designs and also traditional styles can also be found among the new collection and it is the duty of the buyer to choose the best suited for the occasion.