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How AI Can Change The Diamond Manufacturing Industry As We Know It

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

Artificial intelligence or AI has been making headlines for the past decades in terms of it seeping into almost every aspect of our modern age. The diamond industry also is touched by this seemingly new age technology, and AI grading is already becoming the next hot thing when it comes to the diamond industry. As more and more diamond manufacturers are seeing the influence that AI can have when it comes to diamond grading, they are slowly progressing to AI-based processes to help enhance the experience of customers and to help bolster sales. Apart from the customer end aspects, there are also numerous benefits that manufacturers are experiencing to optimize the production processes and help make the industry more profitable and efficient.

AI Helps Smoothen The Journey 

The journey of a single diamond from being mined, then finally polished, is a long and drawn-out process. There are many intermediaries and players that make up the chain, from the miners to the manufacturers, the gemmologist, the retailers, and many more.

Diamond mining itself is using many of AI capabilities for allowing better decision making and planning, during drilling and extraction. These involve the likes of geological tracking devices, aerial imaging using a mix of satellite and drones, sensors that are attached to drilling rigs that help to collect data in real-time. The sole purpose of a diamond pipeline is none other than getting a desirably polished diamond from the mines to the market, which will fetch a reasonably high price and pull in a good profit margin. To help increase the margins, the processes need to be streamlined, automated to reduce cost and error, and AI go a long way in achieving this goal.

AI helps in automating the process of diamond grading, which results in not only quick results but also those that are precise and efficient than most standard processes. AI-based grading allows for maximum flexibility in the way that diamonds are graded and analyzed.

Advanced imagery and scanning with a machine-based grading algorithm can allow manufacturers to grade diamonds anywhere and anytime, without the need for vast lab resources and scientific equipment. After all, we are trying to get to the customer the most beautiful diamond ring that can be achieved with the least amount of disturbance along the “rough to polish” pipeline. This way you have better quality diamond rings in the market, and better quality pieces that customers can get their hands on a win-win situation!