The Perfect 1 Carat Diamond

Tips To Get The Best Wedding Rings

Best Wedding Rings

Best Wedding Rings

Choosing a wedding ring that suits you best can be a hectic process, as there are a lot of factors to consider including the shape and size of the stone, type of metal, ring settings and designs, etc. Therefore, choosing the best wedding rings from the options available can be overwhelming. Hence, we provide you a small guide to follow when choosing your rings. This will help you to get beautiful wedding rings.

Be Aware Of The 4Cs

The 4Cs of a diamond are important factors that decide its value. They include the color, clarity, cut, and carat of diamonds. The value of a diamond greatly varies based on these attributes. Hence, when choosing a diamond, you have to enquire about these factors.

Choose Between Different Cutting Styles

There is a wide range of options available when choosing different cutting styles of diamonds. Some of the popular diamond shapes that are commonly found in diamond rings include round brilliant, pear, oval, princess, marquise, cushion, and heart, etc. They vary in their shapes and brilliance. Hence, you have to choose a shape that can perfectly fit you.

Pick A Metal

After picking the diamond shape, size, and color, the next factor you have to consider is the metal you want your ring in. Gold, platinum, and silver, are the classic options available. If your diamond has a slight yellow tint, then you can go for yellow gold. Else, if you are planning to get a colorless diamond with high clarity, then white gold and platinum are your ideal options. If you want cheaper options, then silver can be a great option for you.

Choose The Setting

The next important factor to consider is the setting of your ring. You can choose between a bezel or prong setting that is usually used for holding the stone. Many setting styles use these options including solitaire, halo, and cathedral, etc.

Pick The Side Stones

If you are choosing a ring that has small stones other than the center diamond, then choose these stones too. You can choose between different shapes and colors when it comes to side stones. You can create brilliant color combinations by choosing different colors for your side stones and center stone.

There are a lot of factors you have to consider when getting a wedding or engagement ring for you. The factors mentioned above can be a great help for you to get the best wedding rings. So make sure that you consider them while purchasing your diamond rings.