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Why Should You Choose A Solitaire Ring For Your Wedding?

Best Wedding Rings

Best Wedding Rings

You can find a wide range of settings and designs when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. Some of them include halo, three-stone, pave, cathedral, tension, etc. But the most popular and classic option among them is still the solitaire setting.

The solitaire setting has been popular even before centuries and it will continue its legacy in the future too. This ring setting is preferred by people because of its simplicity and elegance. The solitaire setting can be a great option for people who are looking for the best wedding rings that can properly showcase their big center stones.

The Solitaire Setting

Generally, a solitaire ring will contain only a single stone without any additional stones on the sides of the center diamond or the shank of the band. This offers a clean and simple look for the ring. A solitaire setting is a great way to show off your center stone, as there are no other stones on this ring that will affect the appearance of your center diamond.

In this particular setting, the center stone will be set on the band with the help of prongs. Four or six prongs are used for holding the diamond in place. If you choose four prongs, it can be helpful to accentuate the shine and brilliance of your ring, as the metal covering the stone will be minimum. This allows more light to enter the stone thereby creating more sparkle.

The six-prong setting might reduce the visibility of the stone thereby decreasing its shine. However, this setting offers more security for the stone when compared to a four-prong setting. Hence, you will have to compromise the brilliance for security when it comes to choosing the number of prongs for your solitaire ring.

Benefits Of Solitaire Settings

Solitaire setting can suit all the diamond shapes and cuts including round brilliant, princess, oval, cushion, heart, radiant, pear, etc. You can get a wide variety of solitaire rings that come with diamonds of different shapes and sizes.

This setting can be an affordable option when compared to many other settings, as it does not involve any other additional stones or embellishments. So these rings create a wonderful option for people who are looking for affordable wedding rings.

Solitaire rings offer a simple, timeless, and classic look. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

However, this ring might easily snag on things like clothing and furniture. Also, the prongs that hold the stone can get loose over time. So you have to inspect the prongs once in a while to make sure that they are not loose.