Colored Diamonds

Champagne Diamonds – A Smart Choice For Engagement Rings

Colored Diamonds

Colored Diamonds

Engagement ring designs rarely deviate from the most popular conventional 1 carat flawless diamond ring. However, for those who wish to flaunt a unique stone that stands a class apart from the usual ones, there are plenty of choices available. Champagne diamond is one such sought after stone by many due to its beautiful color and unique appearance. These colored diamonds come in natural shades of brown with slight yellow tint. The hue varies from light to dark and can be chosen according to the buyer’s preference.

Deciding Factors

The cut and color are the major deciding factors that contribute to the unique appeal of champagne diamonds. The choice of color can depend largely on the buyer. A person opting for a champagne diamond would obviously have a unique taste in diamonds and may opt for a light shade of brown or go with a dark brown stone with a deeper hue. The cut invariably decides the sparkle of the diamond and hence needs to be chosen wisely. For those not well versed in the 4Cs of diamond grading, good jewellers would be happy to assist with choosing the cut that would be most ideal for the stone and setting you choose. The intensity of color, the carat weight and the cut quality are the major factors that decide the price of champagne diamonds. Usually, the deeper colored champagne diamonds come at a higher price tag than their lighter hued counterparts.

Making The Choice

Champagne diamonds have the same ranking of 10 on the Mohs scale, making them as resilient as any other natural diamond. These stones would therefore be an excellent choice for jewellery like engagement rings that are worn on a regular basis. Once you have made up your mind to go with a unique champagne colored diamond for your precious engagement ring, choose the right jeweller to purchase the stones from. Going with a trustworthy jeweller would help ensure you get the best bargain for the money you spend. Though champagne diamonds are not as rare as colorless flawless diamonds, their value increases and decreases considerably with the intensity of color. A good jeweller can help you out in choosing the best stone and ring design that fits your budget perfectly.

Unlike brilliant cut flawless colorless diamonds. colored diamonds may need an expert’s eye to determine their quality. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase your colored diamond jewellery from a well-established, reputed jeweller who offers great quality stones and jewellery.