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Platinum versus White Gold for Wedding Rings or Similar Jewelry

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If you need a wedding ring with white metal, you would predominantly have the same couple of choices as everyone else: platinum and white gold. Aside from the difference one is able to spot at first glance, white gold and platinum are quite different in regards to composition and cost. You would need to maintain them differently as well.

As these are the two most common precious metals used in some of the best wedding rings out there, you have to know the difference between the two before you head out shopping. It is not just the diamond or gemstone which makes the ring look striking, but also the setting and ring metal.

Gold does not have a natural white color, but is created by mixing it with another metal, notably palladium, nickel, or silver. The Karat measure of gold is based upon how much of these other metals is present. A lower karat rating tends to be even more preferable for jewelry. 14 Karat is more than fifty percent pure gold, so the precious metal can withstand harder use without incurring permanent damage.

If you fancy jewelry with more gold content than that, you can enhance the durability by having it rhodium plated. It improves not just the durability of the metal, but also its white appearance, giving it a bright and shiny finish. Over time, one may need to have it rhodium plated again to reduce the band’s ‘yellowing’. Usually, this would start on the part of the gold ring that rests on the hand’s palm side, as that area of the piece would wear out even more quickly.

Platinum has an almost white appearance. Unlike yellow gold, it is a very durable metal, which means you can get an almost pure piece without having to bother about it being damaged due to daily wear and tear as much. Typically it is around 95 percent pure, which means its color would not change over time. You would just need to polish it occasionally to keep its shine, because the metal scratches more easily than a ring with 14 or 18 Karat white gold.

Depending upon the amount of the precious metal used, a platinum ring could also be noticeably heavier in the same size. Platinum has a higher price point in comparison. It is also more valuable. That said, more best wedding ring bands are made out of gold than platinum.