Best Wedding Rings

Tips for Shopping and Care While Buying Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Best Wedding Rings

Best Wedding Rings

Rose gold diamonds do not form naturally. It is made by mixing copper, gold and other metals (occasionally zinc). They are widely chosen for making engagement rings and wedding bands that are often similar to each other.

Though rose gold diamonds are not naturally formed, they require the same amount of care as other diamonds. Listed below are some of the ways that help you to take care of your rose gold engagement rings.

Taking Care of Rose Gold Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

The most common advice to take good care of jewelry made of rose gold is to prevent scratches, dings, hard knocks and dings on the stone. Make sure to take the diamond to a professional jeweler if any of these problems occur by chance. Furthermore, it is also important to get the diamond cleaned regularly by using warm water and soap. After cleaning is done, make sure to wipe it dry by using a soft cloth made of cotton. If it has to be stored, make sure to keep it in a separate pouch to avoid having scratches from other jewelry.

The best wedding rings and bands made of rose gold do not get tarnished, but they form a rich patina as time goes. Though it takes a whole lifetime for it to form, it adds great value for the wedding ring. To maintain the patina, you should never put your ring in an ultrasonic bath or approach a professional cleaning service.

Shopping Tips

It is very important to know that it is difficult to know the gold karat of the wedding band by looking at the color of it. As 10k pink gold wedding rings can often be similar to 18k pink gold rings, it is important to be careful when somebody tells you that a diamond is 18k pink gold wedding ring just because it has a light pink shade.

It is also better to not choose rose gold plate rings as they are been made of pure copper, brass or silver and then coated using very little rose gold. The outer layer has the chance of wearing away after a few months in such kind of jewelry and they are made with very cheap materials.

Rose gold diamonds should be typically sold by sellers with a certified diamond. It should also have the appraisal if it is an antique piece. Also, always go to reputed jewelers as it is important to get rings that are free of scratches and bumps.