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Uniquely Cut Diamonds For Your Special Someone

Elegant Wedding Rings For Women

Elegant Wedding Rings For Women

True that diamonds are forever, but who likes the idea of wearing a dull looking rock? Let alone on their day of engagement, for the rest of their life. I am guessing no one. Round cut diamonds are timeless and can be found on a majority of the world’s engaged fingers. However, if traditional is not your forte and want your diamond ring to be special, read on. Given below are a set of unique bridal rings for women.

Point Cut

Diamonds belonging to this category are typically octahedron in shape which are polished and made perfect. With time these got a facelift with the discovery of culet. It got an additional set of four facets at the corner. This was a real breakthrough.

Asscher Cut

Diamonds belonging to this category are considered to be extremely chic. The Royal Asscher Diamond Company introduced this diamond to the world in the year 1902. It is considered to be amidst the first of diamond cuts which were patented in whole of the world. These are square cut diamonds with their corners cropped which adds to its brilliance.

Rose Cut

Taking its inspiration from a rosebud, diamonds belonging to this group takes fancy diamonds to a whole new level. Its flat base, domed crown which includes triangular shaped facets makes it iconic. These diamonds don’t sparkle; they produce lustre because of its uniqueness.

Trilliant Cut

Diamonds belonging to this class are the real superstars in terms of its cut, inclusions and precision. This unconventionally cut diamond comes with either a straight or curved side. It sure seems larger than its actual carat weigh due to its shallowness. It is advised to keep them clean to ensure its endless sparkle. Go ahead and get these for your funky brides.

Marquise Cut

It is believed that the first ever marquise cut diamond was commissioned by a king who wished for the diamond to be shaped to look like the lips of his mistress. Diamonds belonging to this class essentially features a total of 58 facets. Together with this, it also features a bow-tie across its width. The color of this diamond ranges from black to grey.

True that there are many varieties of beautifully cut diamonds available these days you could select from. However, it all lies in your jeweller’s hand; to create masterpieces of your choices.