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All You Need To Know About Yellow Diamonds!

Cheap Yellow Diamond Rings

Cheap Yellow Diamond Rings

The colour yellow stands testament to the colour of youth and liveliness. The warm colour you see on the field of sunflowers on a brisk summer afternoon is enough to alleviate anyone’s mood. Yellow coloured diamonds are all of that and much more! The marriage between the various elements yields this intense colour that catches your attention, even if you’re a mile away. That is the reason why yellow diamonds are one of the most valuable gemstones in terms of rarity. The colour is one that exonerates fire and passion!

To understand their value, you must first understand from where they come.

What Are Yellow Diamonds And How Are They Made?

The strong yellow colour is due to the presence of small traces of nitrogen within its crystal lattice. This is the second most common fancy colour, with brown taking the lead. Yellow diamonds are found in varied places. From Kimberley mine in South Africa to Jubilee mine in Russia have all unearthed this colour of gemstone.

Special Grading Of Yellow Diamonds

All diamonds are graded for colour from D to Z, with D being colourless and of the highest grade. The yellow diamonds however are not graded on this scale! These are rare and in much demand, and have a special scale according to the intensity and quality of the yellow colour.

On the scale set by GIA, they are graded as Fancy light, Fancy intense, Fancy dark, Fancy deep and Fancy Vivid. A Fancy light yellow diamond ring is generally the least expensive.

Types Of Yellow Diamonds

  • Modified And Pure Yellow Coloured Diamonds

Pure yellow has a much higher value. But in most cases they have a tint of secondary colours such as green, has garnered much demand. Greenish orange yellow is the common iteration of yellow coloured diamonds. Thesemake forcheap yellow diamond rings in comparison to pure yellow diamonds.

  • Lab Treated Yellow Diamonds

Treatment of brownish diamonds with HTHP (High temperature & High pressure), irradiation and annealing can create these classes of diamonds. These have asking prices much lower than modified and pure yellow diamonds of same size!

Famous Yellow Diamond: The Tiffany Yellow

One of the largest pure yellow diamonds ever was unearthed at the famous Kimberley mine of South Africa. The Gemnologist, Frederick Kunz’s excellent craftsmanship is visible in the astounding brilliance of the 128.57 carat work of art.

Final Note

Only very unique and rare pieces of this natural pure yellow diamond exists, which is reason enough for its well-deserved price tag!