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An Ultimate Guide to Making Customized Wedding Bands

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Customized Wedding Bands

There are a lot of factors that you should consider before choosing your wedding band, the likes of your spouse to your budget, and many other factors that matter. If you think that your future spouse is so unique, it is better that you choose a unique wedding band as well. It is easy for you to make your own affordable wedding band according to your personal style.

Fix Your Wedding Band Style

You can go through some of the online jewelry stores to find out the wedding band which you like. There are a lot of options available for you online on wedding band pairing, like shadow band and flush band for engagement rings. There are also the complimentary bands, coordinated bands and matching bands. There are endless wedding band styles which you can choose. It is also important to choose the ring profile which you prefer. It may be a round profile, flat profile or a beveled profile.

When considering the style of the wedding band, the ring width is also very important.

Fix Your Metals and Materials

Once you have chosen the appropriate design you prefer, you need to fix the metals and other materials you want to use. Rose gold, White gold and Titanium are the most common ring metal choices in the present time. There are several other options like silver, tungsten, cobalt or ceramic. Titanium can be the best option if you are allergic to metals.  

The final look of your ring will largely depend on the ring finish that you choose. You can have a classic polished ring or a sandblasted or hammered ring.

Once the main metal of the ring is decided, you can choose the material with which you want to overlay or inlay the ring. Many materials are used for doing this.

Choose the Gemstone

If you want to have any gemstone on your ring, you can choose one according to your interests. Blue sapphire, emerald, ruby, topaz, amethyst can all be options of gemstones.

Fix Your Price Range

Since there is a lot of flexibility with the materials that can be used while customizing your ring, you can fix the price range on a later stage. You will be able get the chosen design for a cheaper price even if the original design with a good metal costs very high.

Get Your Ring Made By a Jeweler

After finishing all the above things, explain your design to a custom jeweler who can make the ring for you. But make it sure that your ring size is properly taken and known to the jeweler.

Make sure that you order your ring before two months of your marriage because it will take considerable time to make a customized ring.