Choosing the Right Antique Diamond Ring Setting

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Diamond Ring Setting

The diamond setting is one of the main factors that you must give priority to while choosing your wedding rings. Note that once you choose an appropriate setting for your ring, everything will just simply fall in place including the type of center stone, metal choice, etc. Most people have a misconception that diamond ring settings play a role in just securing the valuable gemstones on place. However, it tends to enhance the overall appeal of your nice wedding rings as well. Needless to mention, any wrong step while choosing the diamond ring setting can ruin the overall appeal of your sparkler.

One of the most coveted choices when it comes to diamond wedding or engagement rings is the antique and vintage setting. These designs are perfect to treasure the beauty and values of the bygone eras. Even though these settings feature traditional designs, it offers a streamlined appeal to complement the modern lifestyle of people as well. When it comes to antique diamond ring settings, people are swearing on mainly three options; Edwardian, Victorian, and Art Deco. Make sure to choose a design that complements your personality and lifestyle.

Victorian Designs

The diamond rings that feature romantic and feminine designs were all in rage during the Victorian era. Note that the Victorian period spanned from 1837 to 1901 and it coincides with the ruling period of Queen Victoria. The love between Queen Victoria and her husband inspired jewelry designers to create sparklers using rose and yellow gold. However, millennial designers tend to incorporate romantic motifs such as birds, flowers, bows, hearts, etc., to Victorian-inspired diamond engagement rings.

Edwardian Designs

The Edwardian era spanned from 1901 ton1910 and is known for King Edward VII. The main highlights of the rings inspired by the Edwardian period were the detailing such as ribbon, knots, curves, spirals, etc. Note that while the Victorian era was popular for the delicate nature of their jewelry pieces, the Edwardian era highlighted opulent and oversized diamond jewelry set using platinum and white gold metals. Needless to mention, flaunting an Edwardian-style diamond ring on your special day is perfect to turn heads.

Art Deco Designs

Art Deco period marked its beginning in the 1920s and its contemporary setting and style took the world by storm. It was during this time period women started expressing their emotions and personality using bold diamond ring designs. Art Deco diamond rings mainly featured clean lines and geometric patterns to create striking and captivating appeal. Since Art Deco diamond ring designs are known to symbolize the spirit of free-thinking women, modern brides love to flaunt one of these mesmerizing designs.