Seven Most Adorable Minimalist Wedding Bands

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For the brides who love simple and subtle accessories, minimalist rings are the seamless choice. These delicate rings also possess a hidden meaning behind each of its patterns. They have also got the pros to pair up any attire you wear. Henceforth, they make the most perfect choice to have opted for the eternal wedding band that you can wear for the whole day. Here listed are the most adorable picks for a minimalist wedding ring.

Minimalist Petite Diamond Ring

These rings could be a synonym of elegance and grace in its fullest. The small and petite diamond can be the most humble pick for a wedding band, as they also come with gorgeous finishing. Moreover, they can be the best example of affordable wedding bands.

Half Eternity Diamond Wedding Band

An eternity ring is one of those sought after choice for a wedding ring, as they would pay for your price very well. Different metals can be experimented with this pattern of the minimalist ring such as the white gold, rose gold or even yellow gold.

Art Nouveau Promise Diamond Ring

A beautiful pattern of a flower is set on this art nouveau elegantly. Furthermore, they could be a great value for money and you can continue to be simple and modest for your big day. There is greater scope for customizing in this ring by placing any other gemstones instead of diamonds.

Two Hearted Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Couples and young lovers may opt for the rose gold ring as a promise ring. The beautiful pattern of two hearts in this minimalist wedding ring very gracefully symbolizes the love and concern for each other. So as to make them more special, you may even engrave them with your names on it.

Hexagonal Diamond Wedding Ring with Pearl

The unique wedding ring was carved out from solid gold and set with a pearl. When compared to rest of the ring patterns here, this hexagonal counterpart is a bit heavy and intricate. However, that is not going to affect the price, as it is the pearl doing its job at the center.

Milgrain Promise Diamond Ring

The central diamond is enhanced to a greater extent in this promise ring along with their charmingly handcrafted shank. Minimalism is depicted at its best in this elegant ring with its milgrain finishing. They can be molded in gold to look most adorable.

Three Stoned Baguette Wedding Band

Though this charming stone is a baguette, they look way much similar to emerald. It is due to the proficient step cut of the stone. With different choices of a gold carat and gold color, the three stoned baguette wedding band can be customized as you like.