Tips to Fix your Broken Wedding Bands

Beautiful Wedding Rings
Wedding Band Fixing Tips

Beautiful wedding rings will be one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry that binds couples together, both emotionally and financially. After all, it symbolizes their eternal union and love in the most romantic way. So, any small issue with this gleaming bauble may concern you to the core. Note your diamond rings are susceptible to damages irrespective of the upkeep and care. The fact that you are likely to wear your lustrous baubles every day adds to this susceptibility.

In most cases, beautiful wedding rings tend to get damaged because of accidents. This may usually crack or break the diamond into pieces. Additionally, the precious metal band of your ring may get scuffed or scratched. Thankfully, there are numerous ways and skillful labors in the market to fix your nice wedding rings. However, it depends on the type of damage suffered by your glistening trinkets.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most common causes of broken wedding rings is accident especially that involves a strong blow around the line where your wedding band is sized. Needless to mention, the hard impact of the sizing line can easily break a ring. This will also depend on the type of metal you use in your ring. Unlike most people think, a 9 Ct gold ring will be more hard and brittle than an 18 ct gold ring.

Fortunately, you can fix this issue by taking your ring to a credible diamond ring jeweler. The professional is likely to attach the broken edges by melting the tips. Since this step is likely to reduce the size of the ring, the jeweler may add some gold to the ring to balance the metal loss. Otherwise, he may replace the metal band setting completely depending on the condition of your ring.

Broken or worn-out claws and prongs are the common issues when it comes to damaged diamond wedding rings. Note that worn-out prongs or claws tend to break easily over time. In order to repair such issues, the jewelers often re-tip the prongs or claws. Alternatively, they may re-make the damaged part of the ring. This will be more reliable than the former option. Note that the right repair solution for your ring is determined based on the extent of the damage.

It is also recommended to purchase a reliable insurance policy for your beautiful wedding rings. This will provide financial coverage when it comes to repairing your damaged rings. Hence, you will not have to compromise on its quality because of your financial limits. However, make sure to talk to your insurer before choosing a policy since there are different types of options available such as for lost rings, damaged rings, stolen rings, etc. Better, if you can purchase a blanket policy that covers all possible options.