The History and Allure of Cocktail Rings

In the olden days, cocktail rings were seen as a particular kind of rings, defined by a peculiar design and aesthetic. They were mostly worn on any of the fingers except the left ring finger which is believed to be for wearing wedding and engagement rings. However during these days, cocktail rings do not own […]

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Why Choose A Victorian Style Wedding Ring

Are you mulling over the right wedding band design that can instantly impress your lady love? Well, this will depend on her style and personality. If your better half adores the classic and vintage beauties, the best option for her will be a Victorian style wedding band, which will be surely a blast from the […]

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The Spellbinding Charisma of Minimalist Bands

Are you planning to take your relationship to the next level? If yes, you would be brainstorming about the right diamond wedding ring design to woo your lady love. Note that minimalist wedding ring designs will be one of the best choices to consider. Why Consider Minimalist Wedding Bands Minimalist wedding bands will be a […]

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The Guide to Finding Affordable Wedding Rings for Women

A wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that encompasses all the feelings you have for the person you love. It is the one item you will be wearing every day until you die. With the numerous options for metals, designs, and additions available in the market along with the confusion on your mind, selecting […]

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Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

WOODEN WEDDING RINGS – All You Need to Know!

Wooden rings, being one among the fine displays of natural beauty, are a good choice for couples who are searching for eco-friendly rings. Before buying a wedding ring, you need to read and get to know a lot on the pros and cons of wooden wedding rings, best woods that are used for making rings, […]

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The Pros and Cons of Buying Diamonds Online

With the wide spread of internet and online shopping sites, the trend to buy diamonds online is also becoming popular. More people prefer to buy diamonds online than going to a retail shop. As a result of this, the number of online diamond retailers also increased. Buying diamonds online has both benefits and drawbacks. The […]

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Choosing the Right Antique Diamond Ring Setting

The diamond setting is one of the main factors that you must give priority to while choosing your wedding rings. Note that once you choose an appropriate setting for your ring, everything will just simply fall in place including the type of center stone, metal choice, etc. Most people have a misconception that diamond ring […]

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Elegant Wedding Rings For Women

Engagement Ring Stone Design Ideas

On the most significant day of your life picking out perfect stone for your true love could be daunting. But this is definitely an unavoidable feat to impresses your love. Finding the right engagement stone which astonishes her little world of love would make you happy as well. Being the one chance to woo her […]

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Diamond Ring

Romantic Wedding Band Styles for Couples

The wedding bands hold an important position in the life of almost every couple. After all, your beautiful wedding rings are the symbol of your commitment and love towards your spouse as well as a testament to all the fun, romance, and beauty you both have shared and are yet to share. While most people […]

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