Is Feline Coronavirus Contagious?

The outbreak of COVIC-19 has created panic among people all over the world. The disease has been declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization in March 2020. The global death toll has risen to more than 10,000. There is a lot of information about coronavirus online. It is a family of viruses […]

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Cheap Yellow Diamond Rings

All You Need To Know About Yellow Diamonds!

The colour yellow stands testament to the colour of youth and liveliness. The warm colour you see on the field of sunflowers on a brisk summer afternoon is enough to alleviate anyone’s mood. Yellow coloured diamonds are all of that and much more! The marriage between the various elements yields this intense colour that catches […]

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A Comparison Between Platinum And Palladium For Wedding Band

Palladium is a lesser-known metal option for women’s wedding bands. It tends to be compared to the more popularly known platinum. Regardless, customers wonder what the differences amid both are. These two metals are unique, but similar in many regards. Let us discuss how these compare in terms of look, price, durability, plus comfort. Look […]

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Elegant Wedding Rings For Women

Uniquely Cut Diamonds For Your Special Someone

True that diamonds are forever, but who likes the idea of wearing a dull looking rock? Let alone on their day of engagement, for the rest of their life. I am guessing no one. Round cut diamonds are timeless and can be found on a majority of the world’s engaged fingers. However, if traditional is […]

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How To Choose Diamond Cuts That Matches Zodiac Signs

It is the most difficult task in the world to find the most perfect ring for the lady love to seal your marriage for a lifetime. Everything should be special about the ring and unique in every way. But have you ever thought the odds that you met in the one out of billions of […]

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Best Wedding Ring Designs Women Prefer

Wedding bands mean a lot to married couples. When exchanging these rings, the couple promise to be there for one another whatever happens in life. An engagement ring will take the center stage, but it is just as significant to choose the ideal wedding band. Depending upon your bride-to-be’s preferences, it can highlight your engagement […]

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Engagement Rings

The Best Valentine’s Day Engagement Rings

It is tradition to propose the loved ones on valentine’s day. Since the day is already set in a mood to embrace love and romance, it is one of the perfect times in a year to get engaged. Even if a person plans the day to spend every minute with their partner or if they […]

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Bridal Rings For Women

Tips to Buy 4-Carat Wedding and Engagement Rings

Multi-carat diamonds are often considered as pieces for investments, as the price of the diamonds increases dramatically with the carat. Large carat diamonds such as 4-carat stones are not considered as a choice for budget buyers who are looking for the best wedding rings for them. They often appeal to people who like to spend […]

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Nice Wedding Rings

How to Select a Ring to Match Your Finger Shape?

The shape and size of fingers will vary from person to person. Some can have long and slender fingers, while some others may have small and petite fingers. Therefore, when you purchase your wedding ring, it is important to select a ring based on the shape of your finger for them to look beautiful on […]

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