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A List of Romantic Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Best Wedding Rings
Best Wedding Ring Bands

So you are going to tie the knot, you have already bought engagement rings, and now it is time to find wedding rings. Not just any band will do though. The trick is in finding the best wedding rings. At some point, you might have thought of ways to make your wedding band unique and personal. If so, having your wedding bands inscribed could just be the best solution out there. That is why you are here, of course, so without further ado, below is a list of ten wedding ring inscribing ideas for you and your partner. In addition, note that when it comes to inscribing the best wedding ring bands inscriptions, the sky is the limit. The idea is to make a romantic sentiment for both of you to enjoy forever more.

Engrave Wedding Vows

Why not include an expression of your love or version of your wedding vows on the metal band of your ring? It could be something simple like “I Love You” or words like “Eternity” or “Forever”. If your wedding band is longer, consider sentences from your wedding vows like “To Have and to Hold”. Ideally, you have to use a word or phrase that describes your love in the best way possible.

Inscribe a Romantic Phrase in a Different Language

If you would like something unique and romantic but fancy the thought of using an old phrase, then think about an inscription in a foreign language. Italian, Latin, and French are some of the popular and most romantic language options in this regard. Take the following as examples.

  • “Semper amemus”, which means “Let Us Always Love”
  • “Il mio cuore è tuo per sempre”, meaning “My Heart is Yours Forever”
  • “Pour tous jours”, which translates to “For All Days”

Use Old English Engravings

The custom of ‘poesy’ rings started years ago, so having a phrase in Old English inscribed on your wedding ring could be another good idea. Think about using a historical phrase with a personal meaning for you. A ring used in the medieval period would have featured such a phrase. Use one if you would want to carry on this tradition.

A Meaningful Symbol

If you need to use something visual also alongside a verbal message, then have a symbol inscribed onto your wedding band. For example, go for a heart symbol or one that represents a hobby you both share as well as feel strongly about. For one who is fond of animals, for instance, consider inscribing one onto a wedding metal band. It is a more uncommon take on the engraving idea, but a symbol signifies your love for each other.

Fingerprint Inscription

People chose to engrave their fingerprints on wedding rings to make them even more special. This is very special as everyone has his or her own unique fingerprint. Get matching rings with the fingerprint of the other person. All you need to do is use paper and ink to get your fingerprint’s copy – your left-hand ring finger is a good option – and take it to a nearby engraving center. Keep in mind that only a part of your fingerprint will feature on it.

Inscribe your Signatures on Wedding Rings

Another personal engraving trend is having a bride and groom’s names upon each other’s wedding rings, but in their own handwriting. It is a lot easier to do create custom designs with the help of technology, so inscribing your handwriting onto a wedding ring is now a lot easier than before. Note that a messy name or signature can end up looking similar to scratches, so you need to make it a point to practice writing out your names before getting the service done. If this engraving idea works for you, signature can actually make for beautiful engravings.

Other Ideas

  • Wedding Date: An extremely simple way to honor your wedding date and love for each other is to engrave your initials and the date on the inside of your wedding ring. This will also serve as a reminder of your wedding anniversary.
  • Name of your Partner: Like your partner’s signature, it is also a good idea to engrave their name. This keeps the inscription short and simple.
  • Your First Date: This can be a quote or motto from something on the day you first met. It will also be a reminder of where your relationship started, and how far the two of you have come since then.
  • Your Favorite Song or Film: You and your partner will likely have a piece of music or film that is close to your heart. Consider having some words from either a part of song or of film quote engraved on your ring.