Choosing Between a Plain Wedding Ring and Diamond Wedding Band

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When you shop for a wedding ring, you have a lot of designs and styles to pick from. So, it can be an overwhelming task for you to pick one out of those that meets all your criteria. However, to make that decision a litter easier, you have to first decide between a plain and bejeweled wedding ring. Both options have relative pros and relative cons.

Plain Wedding Ring

The more traditional option of the two styles, this is what several people think of first while shopping for one. Simple yet elegant, a plain wedding band has long represented the emotional commitment that comes with a marriage. This piece can be made of a variety of precious metals, but gold is the most popular one. Now, let us look at the pros and cons of this type of wedding ring.


  • The plain style means that it is less likely to take the attention away from your engagement ring when you wear both.
  • For those who have a job that involves much handwork, it is a more practical option.
  • It requires much less maintenance than a diamond-set wedding band. There is much less cleaning required, and there are no gemstones to chip.
  • If you are looking for relatively affordable wedding bands, then don’t look further than this.


  • There are a variety of designs available, but your options are not as extensive as compared to a diamond ring.
  • A plain wedding band may seem to look worn much quicker, because much more ring metal is on display than a diamond-set piece.
  • If you are after a more unique or modern look, then you are not likely to achieve that with this ring.

Diamond Set Band


  • You have much more band styles and choices, including the ones featuring various diamond settings and cuts.
  • It offers you a good in-between option with the glamour and sparkle of a ring and a more conventional and subtle feel of a plain piece.
  • It offers a more bespoke jewelry feel. If you are seeking a more unique piece to represent your wedding, then a diamond-set band is a better option.


  • It can be overpowering in the event you are planning on wearing your engagement ring too.
  • More diamonds mean that it will have a higher price than a plain band.
  • Diamonds could just attract residue build-up below, and when not cleaned frequently, they can become loose and fall out of the ring.

Your lifestyles and personal preferences will determine which one of these two will be best suited to you.