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Designs to Avoid When Choosing Engagement Rings

Silver Engagement Ring with Gold Wedding Band
Engagement Ring Designs

Engagement rings are special in that most people initially plan never to take them off. For each person, this means others would see them wearing their chosen piece in many different settings. That automatically raises the importance of choosing the right setting, gem color and metal, so that the thing not only impresses people, but also keeps you loving it for a really long time. For a man buying a ring for his beloved, there are many things he should be smart enough to avoid when making a purchase.

Giant Rings

Your love for your lady is not something you should be able to convey with something as banal as a huge stone, no matter what people think or say. Your bride-to-be wants to feel loved, cherished, and protected, and a lot of the time, you can get here there by picking paying attention to the practical aspects of every present you give her. Go for something subtle yet substantial, and you will have nailed that bit.

Trendy Rings

How good does a silver engagement ring with gold wedding band sound to either of you? Experimenting is well and good, and one commonly preferred way to do it is by following the current trends in the jewelry industry. However, trends do not last, which means you will need something that will continue to look good after the fad has worn down.

Opal Rings

Popular soft stones like opal are easy enough to pick and pay for but you should be fully aware of what a choice like that would mean ten years down the line, and be okay with it. Simply put, you should either be accepting of the higher chance of damage, or constantly ensuring it does not occur. It is smarter to ensure at the get-go that your chosen stone has very little chance of turning into something visually commonplace, or worse, needing to be replaced.

Pearl Rings

Pearls require a lot of care, or they will not hold their beauty. On top of that, a pearl can hardly be worn on a daily basis, or mixed with a highly active lifestyle. Pearls are soft in comparison to diamonds, which means bumps and knocks would almost certainly leave yours with unflattering scratches. They also have a higher tendency to lose their shine quickly.

Amber Rings

Amber rings is popularly associated with healing, and very beautiful as well. That said, its color can change when the surface dulls, and there is no saying this will happen for the better.