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Latest Trends in Beautiful Wedding Rings

Beautiful wedding rings
Wedding Ring Trends

The wedding will be one of the most significant and exciting occasions in the life of almost every couple. Of course, one of the main aspects of a wedding is the wedding ring itself. Note that the days people blindly went for the clichéd wedding ring designs are long gone. Traditionally, a delicate band entirely paved with tiny diamonds was considered as the wedding bands. Nowadays, couples craft their symbol of love putting a lot of thoughts into it so as to make it unique and extraordinary.

Ideally, the factors such as the personality, lifestyle, jewelry taste, dressing style, profession, etc., of the wearer are taken into account while designing a diamond wedding ring. Still, it will be really challenging to make a decision on your wedding rings irrespective of whether it appeals subtle or statement, contemporary, classic, or contrasting style. Thankfully, there are many mind-blowing trends that you may consider to style your beautiful wedding rings. Some of those latest wedding ring trends are listed below.

Stack Your Rings

If you love to have some extra bling on your finger, stackable wedding diamond rings will be the right option for you. Usually, three delicate metal bands entirely paved with melee diamonds are used in stackable sets. However, you can add the number of metal bands according to your budget and style. Plus, you can wear it as independent bands depending on the occasion. Alternately, you can choose to stack multiple bands on either side of your diamond engagement ring as well in order to compose absolutely beautiful wedding rings.

Embellished Bands

If you are not a big fan of unadorned classic wedding diamond ring styles, embellished bands are your way to go. Note that there are numerous self-embellished bands available at the jewelry stores. Most of these designs usually highlight intricate engraving and embossed or studded beads. Currently, a combination of round brilliant, emerald cut, and marquise diamonds is making a successful comeback, obviously because of their inimitable brilliance and ability to portray different personality while adding a character of its own. Furthermore, go for a sophisticated milgrain or filigree detailing if you are looking for something extraordinary yet classic.

Color of Love

Unlike olden days, gold, silver, and copper is not the only way to add a pop of color to your nice wedding rings now.  Rather, most brides are drooling over the beauty of colored diamonds these days. Note that colored diamonds are available in all the rainbow shades and you may choose the one that complements your style and persona. If you are on a budget, you may go for colored gemstones as well such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc., along with your diamonds in order to craft a statement piece that exclusively defines you.