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Mistakes Made by Most Men While Choosing an Engagement Ring

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The engagement ring is a very crucial part of the proposal, and hence, it is both a big emotional as well as a financial investment. You may be so excited as to run to a shop for purchasing a ring and then proposing her directly. However, there are many things to consider while buying engagement rings as well as beautiful wedding rings. You would be able to avoid the unwanted awkwardness by avoiding the below mentioned common mistakes that men make while choosing an engagement ring.

Not Researching Properly

Do not buy a random ring driven by impulse. You would have to do some research work before you buy the ring in order to make her fall in love with the ring. The first and foremost thing to do is to understand her taste for jewelry. You would be able to find this out by looking at her collection of diamond jewelry. Find out the color, shape, and style of ring she prefers.

If you observe more of a vintage jewelry collection, it might not be a good thing to choose a stylish modern ring. So it would be a good idea to ask for an opinion from one of her closest friends.

Guessing the Size of Her Ring

Just imagine the situation where you present her a ring and she absolutely fell in love with it, but when she tries on the ring, it starts falling off. In the worse case situation, the ring could be too tight for her fingers. That is why determining the ring size beforehand is so important.

There are many ways to find out the size of her ring finger. You could get one of her rings secretly and trace it out on a paper. Another way is to put the ring in your finger and mark the portion where it stops moving further. You could even ask her roommate or friend about her ring size.

Ignoring the Diamond Cut

When you are buying her a diamond engagement ring, it is very important to pay close attention to the cut of the diamond. The cut is the factor that defines the outline of the diamond and how it sparkles in presence of light. This should match with her personality and style.

Another important thing to look for when purchasing a diamond is to make sure that it has a GIA certification. As far as the cut grade is concerned, it would always be better to choose the Very Good or Excellent grade to get a brilliantly sparkling diamond. This will be mentioned in the diamond certification report.